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I had a problem when I upgraded my MoBo and CPU from DFI LANPARTY UT
nF3 250Gb  to MSI K8NGM-V w/a faster CPU.  I had several IDE devices
courtesy of an Adaptec IDE card that I had added to my system.   I also
had a nice big SATA drive on that machine as well.  When I transferred
everything over to the K8NGM-V, the machine would not boot with the
SATA drive installed.  I had happened to buy a 300GB IDE drive, so I
moved the SATA drive back to the old MoBo, and my son ended up with a
larger HD than he would have otherwise gotten.

The situation worked OK for several months, until I bought another
inexpensive 300GB drive, forgetting that my machine did not accept SATA
drives.  Well, I finally had to figure it out.  I removed the Adaptec
IDE card, and 'lo and behold', the SATA drives would work.  I'm not
sure what was going wrong.  The BIOS saw all of the drives, but would
not even start to boot Windows/XP.

Anyway, I rearranged my drives a bit so that I could handle 2 CD/DVD
drives, 2 IDE HD, and now 1 SATA drive, with room for another SATA
drive.  If anyone reads this and can suggest why the K8NGM-V won't
support both and Adaptec card and SATA at the same time, I'd be a happy
camper.  I am guessing it has to do with IRQ's or some such.  As noted,
the BIOS saw the drive, as well as all of my IDE drives.  It just would
not boot into XP.

There are no relevant jumpers on the Mobo nor any obvious BIOS settings
for me to fiddle with to get them both to work at the same time.  When
I did the original test, I even moved the same old CPU to the new MoBo.
 Basically, everything (CPU, disks, PCI cards, graphics card, CD/DVD
drives) was identical except for the chassis (irrelevant), P/S
(irrelevant), and MoBo (very relevant).  Whatever the difference is, it
has to do with the difference between the two MoBo's.  


Re: MSI K8NGM-V wrote:
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And what is the model number of the Adaptec card ?



I knew someone would ask that, but I had already 'filed it', so now I
dig it out and voila, it is a ASH-1233.  More properly Adaptec ASH-1233
Ultra ATA Card.  I picked it up at COMPUSA a year or two ago.  It
worked fabulously on one or two MoBo's.  As mentioned, it worked great
with the K8NGM-V, except for the conflict with the onboard SATA.

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