MSI K8N Neo4

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What are the issues causing this mobo to not be able to run DDR 400 at
400mhz?  Is this a bios issue?  I recently ordered one of these
boards,  don't have it yet,  but with 1 gb of DDR 400 mem.  

Re: MSI K8N Neo4

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Have a look at:

(near end of page):

"One of the problems we faced with the nForce3 chipset was selecting DDR400
speed from the BIOS with four memory modules- it just didn't work.
Unfortunately, that still remains an issue and we're pretty sure that this
is a chipset and not a motherboard related issue as we have also received
the Gigabyte nForce4 board that exhibits the same problem. Selecting the
memory at DDR333 and then overclocking it way past DDR400 speeds doesn't
seem to cause an issue."

I do not like that. I want my mobo to be able to run my DDR400 at 400 Mhz.
Not being able to do so is such a crucial system design error, that it was
totally unacceptable to me -- regardless of what weird overclock tricks
people used to get something going after all.


- Mark

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