MSI K7T266 Pro2 and AXP 2400+ Thoroughbred

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has anybody tried to run %SUBJ%? At
there is written it should not be supported. But what does it mean? It has
not been tested, or is incorrectly recognized as eg. 'Unknown CPU' or it
wont simply boot-up or will it burnup the CPU?

I have another board, ASUS A7V266. There is that CPU running with no problem
(except it is recognized as Duron 2000MHz). I just have another RAM module,
333DDR, which runs only in MSI mobo. I would like to run 2400+ in that MSI
mobo too, to get 1GB RAM & 2400+ CPU together.

MSI has chipset VIA KT266A, ASUS has just VIA KT266. So it is newer...

How high is the chance it will work? I don't want to burn CPU... and anyway,
changing CPUs is very hard work, also inserting it back is dangerous a bit,
so I want to avoid it.

Zdenek Sojka

Re: MSI K7T266 Pro2 and AXP 2400+ Thoroughbred

When I was talking about K7T266 Pro2 ... I just came to interesting bug
(maybe only in the newest BIOS).
When 'USB Legacy Support' is enabled, the memtest everytime fails (after few
mins or secs) at adresses 0x1000b4-c0. (few bytes over 1MB). Probably some
BIOS bug...
I tried to change modules etc. Also spent a lot of time looking for working
BIOS settings.

Also, I have found some text where somebody is using Sempron 2200+ at this
board (probably at 266MHz FSB), so all should work. But who knows for sure,

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Re: MSI K7T266 Pro2 and AXP 2400+ Thoroughbred

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:59:29 +0200, "Zdenek Sojka"

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I had one of those I'd tried to run a T'Bred A in, it wasn't
stable presumably due to some kind of bus signaling issue,
not a bios issue.  It didn't damage the CPU to try it, only
the system was so instable that most often it crashed before
even being able to navigate the bios menus.  This was even
with the CPU underclocked to 100FSB, running far slower than
the Palamino Athlon 2000 it was to replace.

I'd go ahead and try it if you think it'll be easy enough to
change.  I do also vaguely recall some memory addresses in
the low range that memtest would find fault with due to
being reserved.  Just ignore them so long as they always
occur in same location, including if you underclock the
board and they still occur even with a different module,
that would be even stronger evidence of this.

Re: MSI K7T266 Pro2 and AXP 2400+ Thoroughbred

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Thanks for reply.
Anyway, I have similiar problem. I was running DDR@200MHz because memtest
failed @266MHz no matter how timing was set. Now I have changed memory,
found the best timings with what memtest was running for 6 hours with no
problem. Then I booted Windows, ran Aquamark - after few secs system hung
up. Ah.... then, with the worst timing, worst AGP settings etc., still was
hanging up. Then I set 200MHz DDR, all settings to max - and all seems to be
working OK now.
So - I wont test that 2400+ CPU in MB with 200MHz DDR. Changing CPU makes me
very nervous, so I wont do it :-)

About the memory problem - these addreses are over 1MB, and all BIOS data
areas I know are under 1MB - I think this memory area should not be changed
by HW. But - who knows, maybe BIOS autoconfigures the PnP USB controller to
use this memory area.

Have a nice day

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