MSI G4 440MX-T Question

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Hi, I have a msi g4 mx440-t agp graphics card connected to a pc chips
810 motherboard running windows xp pro sp2.

Whatever driver I use (apart from standard one) results in following,
after xp has loaded screen goes blank, monitor goes into
standby...sometimes it will just come back on after 10 secs or other
times it will just stay like it.

Re: MSI G4 440MX-T Question

On 4 May 2006 05:30:19 -0700, "trevaaaaaaa"

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What are you calling "the standard one"?

Which other drivers are "whatever driver"?

You should need two things (three perhaps):

The motherboard AGP driver.
DirectX 9C
The newest nVidia Detonator driver from

Do them in that order.  Uninstall the prior driver from
add/remove programs and reboot before installing the new

If it then goes blank, reset the system and boot into safe
mode then check display properties to see if you can change
settings and then reboot.

Re: MSI G4 440MX-T Question

When i first installed windows xp, a standard vga driver was used &
this worked ok.

I have tried all the drivers on the msi support page for this card.

I have installed the sis agp motherboard driver.

I have direct x 9c installed.

The motherboard has a built in video adapter which is supposed to be
disabled when an external agp card is installed, there are no settings
in bios related to this.

I removed card & tried on another system & it worked fine.

Thanks for replies.

kony wrote:
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Re: MSI G4 440MX-T Question

On 4 May 2006 12:14:53 -0700, "trevaaaaaaa"

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Try the newest from, not MSI.

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Try the newest from Sis' website, not the motherboard

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Ok, but on rare occasion it can help to reinstall it... so
my advice is to just do that, it doesn't matter that it's
the same version.

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Yes, any motherboard with AGP slot and integrated video,
necessarily disables the onboard video because AGP is a
port, supports one device, and that means the card must
cause it to be disabled by merely being in the slot.  Of
course some video adapters support multiple monitors,
internally they have this support but still operate through
the one port scheme, are not two actual devices.

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Ok, so we at least know it's not bad... maybe the PSU is
marginal and can't keep the card stable.  Check the
voltages, preferribly with a multimeter.  What make, model,
and ratings?

Re: MSI G4 440MX-T Question

PSU is 3ADL model 300PA, ratings are +3.3v-20A, +5V-30A,+12V-10A

I finally located a manual for this motherboard, it said this about the
AGP slot:

Notice for AGP4X Slot:
This mainboard provides an optional AGP4x slot. We recommend the user
should use one of the AGP VGA cards that we have tested. We will test
more AGP VGA cards in the future. Users may get this information from
our World Wide Web at

Model Chipset    Memory    Manufacture
GeForce 2 GTS     32M    Winfast
GeForce 2 GTS DDR    32M    MSI MS-8815
GeForce 2 GTS DDR  PRO    64M    ELSA  GLADIAC
GeForce 2 GTS DDR  PRO    64M    GIGABYTE GV-GF2010
GeForce 2 MX    32M    ASUS  AGP-V7100
GeForce 3  DDR    64M    ELSA GLADIAC 920
Matrox Millennium G400    32M    Matrox
NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Vanta    32M    Top solution
RIVA TNT2    32M    ASUS AGP-V3800

Have tried latest nvidia driver but with no sucess, will try sis next.

Thanks for replies

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