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I have an old IBM with a ms6188 v4 MB.
It can accept 512Mb ram on 2 sticks of pc133.

The machine will start with one and only one 128Mb stick.
I tried to put 1 512 ... it beeps
I tried 2 256 ... beep
I tried 1 256 ... beep
2 128 ... beep
If I remember, it gives 4 beeps , a pause and 1 more.

I can't find the informations for the board.

What can cause that and how to fix?


Re: ms6188 v4

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008 19:24:46 -0400, Bill

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It's likely the 256MB and even moreso the 512MB modules are
high density which the board's Intel 810 chipset can't
handle.  Usually today the appropriate memory is sold as
PC100 instead of PC133 for the strange reason that they want
to ignore compatibility and denote a lesser density based on
the lower FSB that such boards typically had.

Will both (either) of the 128MB modules work separately in
either (try them both) memory slots?

Re: ms6188 v4

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Download the freeware program SIW (System Information for Windows) from: /.

The program will show you information about your computer, including the
motherboard.  It may even tell you the maximum memory size the board

Re: ms6188 v4

GlowingBlueMist wrote:
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I'd work with the 128MB sticks first, testing each memory slot
individually. Then testing each 128MB stick individually.
Perhaps the test results from that, will tell you why the
two 128MB sticks won't run together. I would be more optimistic,
if you could get 2x128MB working.

Crucial carries low density 256MB. Here is an example. The module
should ship with (16) 16Mx8 chips on it. The MEW-AM is a motherboard
with an 810 chipset on it (I used that part number to access the
Crucial search engine). I've used this particular PC133 CAS2 module
without problems on my 440BX based board (440BX also has the same
density problem).

CT32M64S4D7E  256MB PC133 CAS2 (low density) $34

The 810, 810E, and 810E2 are all listed as supporting "128 megabit",
which is why a module with (16) 16Mx8 is required, to get all the
memory detected. If you used a 256MB module with (8) 32Mx8 chips,
that means the chip technology is 32*8 = "256 megabit", and the
module would likely be half-detected. A 512MB module would pretty
well be forced to use (16) 32Mx8 and have similar issues. So using
two low density 256MB sticks, might be the best configuration (as
long as there isn't a problem with the slots, which you can test


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