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Re: Mouse stutter problem in Winows 7 64 bit

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It would be simple to fix on the older motherboards, because
they had a series of three pin headers with a jumper plug
on each one.

The headers control "PWR" for I/O ports. In one position, the
motherboard delivers +5V to a USB or PS/2 port. In the other
position the header sends +5VSB to the port. So those were
selectors of a power source. Since you want the mouse to wake
the machine, you'd set the jumper for that one to +5VSB. Since
you're having trouble with the keyboard, you would place the keyboard
on some other port stack, where the jumper was set to +5V.

The deal is, when you sleep the computer, the +5V is turned off.
If you bumped the keyboard at that point, no problem, the keyboard
has no power and can't screw up. The mouse on +5VSB is still receiving
power, move it and the computer wakes up.

But they removed those headers years ago, and modern computers
power all the I/O ports of that type, with +5VSB. That means
all devices receive power so they're able to wake the computer.
And in your case, the keyboard is going to be powered while
the computer sleeps, and would be susceptible to bumping.


So the alternative is, to set both the mouse and keyboard
to wake the computer. In Device Manager, if you check the
properties of the mouse and keyboard, there should be a
tick box in one of the tabs with "Allow this device..."
to wake the computer. Tick the box for the keyboard. When
you bump the keyboard, that'll generate a USB interrupt
and the computer can attempt to service it. Maybe that'll
service the interrupt well enough, so the keyboard isn't
doomed to sleep.

While you could attempt to put an intervening hub between
a USB keyboard and the computer, I'm not sure that works
properly with old computer. It might on a new computer.
I don't know of a device for PS/2 that could "apply some
separation" between devices.


As part of my testing, I would be trying keyboards and
mice from my junk collection, to see if all of them behave
weird or not. It might be some of the problems are
particular to the model in question, as opposed to
a general problem with the motherboard or OS installation.


Re: Mouse stutter problem in Winows 7 64 bit

Thank you for your information.

In device manager under keyboard there was a check box for wake with this device
and that was already checked. But under mouse there was no such check box.

In the BIOS under power management for the mouse there was wake using double
click or disabled and it was already set to double click. For keyboard there
was wake demanding password, on "98" power key (don't have one on the keyboard)
or nothing and nothing was selected. I changed that to "98", rebooted, tapped
the anykey and again the keyboard was dead until I unplugged and plugged.

The keyboard I might not trust, but with it being a Microsoft mouse I would
have a little more confidence in that. I'll see if I can find substitutes
that might increase rather than reduce confidence by making changes.

Thanks again

Re: Mouse stutter problem in Winows 7 64 bit

Thanks very much for all the great info !

Much of this stuff is beyond my understanding and/or capability.

Right now it seems to be working again perfectly, so it might be best
to see what if anything, it does next.

On Mon, 16 Feb 2015 13:53:09 -0500, Stephen G. Giannoni

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