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This continues to be an intermittent but very annoying problem.

Microsoft wireless with receiver in USB.

Might be worse when CPU resources are taken elsewhere.

Dual core processor on 4 year old ystem running Windows 7.

Any and all ideas most welcome & thanks.

Re: Mouse Stutter

Stephen G. Giannoni wrote:

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Clean the lint out of the recess for the LED.  The LED may not be lit
when you turn it over so use a flashlight and tweezers.  A tiny hair
fluttering across the LED will make the mouse think you moved it.

If it isn't a dirty lens problem then try moving the USB transceiver
dongle to a USB port on the front of the computer case.  If there are no
front USB ports then get a shortie USB cord and some self-stick velcro
to move the USB transceiver dongle out from the back of the case and
velcro it to the side of the case.

Have you yet replaced the batteries in the wireless mouse?

Re: Mouse Stutter

On 8/21/2015 4:47 PM, VanguardLH wrote:
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I had problems with my Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard when I finally  
realized that things had gotten truly intolerable (intermittently) after I  
installed a new dual-band high-power wireless router which sits all of a  
foot away from the wireless devices. That information finally seeped  
through my cranium and the thought of interference came to me. I moved the  
wireless dongle from the back of the CPU to a location up near the keyboard  
drawer on my desk using a 1-meter extension cable and fastened it up using  
self-adhesive Velcro pads. Problem solved.

Oh, and I have had the lint-in-the-sensor problem too but that gives a  
completely different sort of symptom on my system. The Logitech devices  
monitor their own battery levels and warn then they get low so that isn't a  
problem with that brand.

Re: Mouse Stutter

John McGaw wrote:
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Even the emissions from a running USB3 peripheral
will knock out a wireless keyboard. Moving the cable
away, helps. A USB2 port and cable by comparison,
don't emit at 2.4GHz like the USB3 cable does.


Re: Mouse Stutter

Paul wrote:

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Sounds like use of cheapie USB3 cables: insufficient shielding.
Probably accounts for the difference in price (excepting a premium put
on name brands which doesn't necessarily mean they're better).

Alas, USB3 can also cause EMI inside the computer case that can screw up
other wifi devices; see:

However, a good external USB3 cable will help eliminate EMI emitted from
that source, like a USB3 cable using oxygen-free copper (higher
conductivity) with metal braided shielding.

The mobo should have guard traces around the USB data lines on the PCB
going to the backpanel or case connectors.  Bets are off if headers on
the mobo are use to connect to case connectors via USB cabling unless it
is shielding cabling.

Some info here from

That also means the external device at the end of the USB3 cable must be
properly shielded so it doesn't become an interferring source.  That is
when using a cable.  For USB3 dongles, I can't see how they can employ
any shielding themself (since any cabling to the USB3 connector cannot
be altered by the USB3 dongle).  However, the shortie transceiver
dongles may not be in a good position for proper reception so moving
them out with an extender or cable gets them in a better spot for
reception - but good shielding is needed in that cabling.

That transceiver dongle is an EMI radiator so you need to move other
wireless devices away from it, but it does need a clear path from it to
the other device to prevent severe attentuation of signal.

Re: Mouse Stutter

On Fri, 21 Aug 2015 13:26:58 -0400, Stephen G. Giannoni

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Many thanks to all the thoughtful respondents for great advice (and
any to come).

Already been through most of the suggestions.

I think I did notice a significant improvement when in MSCONFIG, I
properly designated 2 CPUs

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