Mouse movement creates static in speakers

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When I move the mouse, I hear static through my speakers.  Has anyone any

Re: Mouse movement creates static in speakers

On Tue, 3 May 2005 16:35:22 -0600, "Phil Kretsinger"

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System power rail noise is not being effectively filtered
out of your audio (card or motherboard-audio).
While it can sometimes be a poor power supply itself, it can
be far more common from typical cheap motherboard-integrated
sound and so the solution is to replace the onboard sound
with any halfway-decent sound card.    A cheap sound card
might provide same relief, but IMO it's better to get an
older halfway decent card than a really cheap new one- at
about same price-points at least.

Others have claimed disabling ACPI power management has
helped but I  have no further info about this, only
repeating that rumorl.  I do know that replacing the card is
sometimes necessary and solves the problem.

You might also try muting any unused analog audio inputs
(using Windows'/other operating system audio mixer or the
sound "card's" audio mixer software) to see if it reduces
the noise to an acceptible level.

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