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Has anyone experienced the problem I have with my Logitech mouse? The screen
cursor tends to freeze and the smallest movement of the mouse wheel
unfreezes it until a few seconds later it happens again. The timing for this
to happen is variable, during the time it took to type the previous eight
words it froze..

Rob Graham

Re: Mouse locking

On Mon, 9 Feb 2009 10:08:54 -0000, "robgraham"

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What model is it, and is that cordless?   Sometimes I have
obstructions like a can of soft-drink behind the mouse pad
and it makes my cordless act funny.  Other times when the
battery is getting low it acts funny.    I have a mediaplay
mouse that is worse than the red led or laser engine mice,
it has such an aggressive, short interval before dipping
into power saver mode that it lags upon first moving it,
though never long enough that I'd call it freezing.

What is the mousing surface like, and does it also do this
on a different surface?

Lastly I wonder if moving the wheel is just a coincidence,
if it's a corded mouse and the cord conductor has broken
internally so it is intermittent until a certain movement
helps it make contact again.

Also try the mouse on another system.

Re: Mouse locking

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The mouse is a cordless Logitec. It works on more or less any surface, but
whatever that surface is the cursor just freezes at some point in time. I
don't think it's time-related, although it can happen
several times in a minute. Freeing the cursor is very easy - either rotate
the wheel or press a mouse button. The freezing does not affect the typing
cursor. I've typed the whole of this with no problem but have checked the
mouse cursor several times and it has been frozen without my realising it.

Since typing the above I've plugged in a corded mouse, so I now have two
mice to control the cursor. The original mouse freezes up but the other
doesn't. Interestingly, the rate at which the mouse cursor moves across the
screen is vastly different.

Re: Mouse locking

robgraham wrote:

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Try blowing out the dust from the sensor.  If that doesn't help at
all, I'd measure the battery voltage while the mouse is running
because one of the cells could be shorted (replace) or reversed in
polarity (replace or charge that cell just by itself for a few
minutes, then immediately recharge the mouse normally).

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