Mouse Ignores Left Clicks

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Hey guys.

Recently I have bought a new mouse and keyboard and I have a problem
with the new mouse:

It ignores it when I left click 3/10 times

By that I mean if I want to open "My Computer" from my desktop I can
double click on it and it will not do anything on the screen (just
like if I hadn’t clicked anything) randomly. So it might work or it
might not. about 7/10 times it registers my left click and the other 3
times it just ignores it. I installed the latest drivers and it still
didn’t help (it actually made it respond even less often).

The left click is the only button that is effected and the mouse
cursor moves fine and the other four buttons work fine everytime as
well with no problems (its a five button mouse).

The mouse is a USB 2.0 mouse but it came with a small converter on the
end so that it can be pluged into the PS/2 port. It does not matter if
I plug it into the usb or the PS/2 port - the result is the same: the
left click doesn’t respond half the time.

Here’s the thing though. I am POSITIVE it is not the mouse’s fault
because first its a brand new, $70 mouse that I bought at the store
and second I have had the same problem with previous mice (ive had to
put up with this for about 2 months now I just found an old mouse that
worked about 19/20 times that I click it and put up with it until I
had time to fix it).

So, if it is not the mouse (I tried about 4 or 5 other different kinds
of mice and all of them had the same problem), what else could it be?
It looks like it might be some sort of software conflict or something
but in device manager everything is showing that the mouse has no

If you guys can help me out and stop this torture that I have to take
please let me know what I should try to fix this.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Mouse Ignores Left Clicks

Terminator14 wrote:
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If it is just double-clicking that you're having a problem with, your
double-click speed might be set to a very small value -- smaller that
you can usually accomplish.  You can adjust this in the Mouse control panel.

Re: Mouse Ignores Left Clicks

On 28 Jun 2005 13:36:04 -0400, Terminator14


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See if you can dig up some kind of software that loads a
mouse driver outside of (your usual operating system).  For
example, try some kind of Linux bootCD based OS (Google for
one).  By isolating each part you can focus on what remains.

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If your motherboard is jumperd to use 5VSB rather than 5V,
change it to 5V.  Sometimes the setting is more obscurely
named like Power-on-by-(keyboard, mouse or USB), but it is
not (usually,) merely a bios setting, there is typically a
jumper on the motherboard- if not multiple jumpers per each
type of bus/port.

Perhaps your board has some bad bios glitch.  You might try
clearing CMOS (with AC power disconnected) or consider a
bios update (then clear CMOS again).  

Re: Mouse Ignores Left Clicks

On 28 Jun 2005 13:36:04 -0400 As Andoids Dreamed Of Electric Sheep and

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Did you fully remove all of your old mouse software from the Control
Panel/Add Remove programs list before installing the new mouse?
And I don't mean,"After" you installed the new mouse or changed mice?
Have you booted to,"Safemode" Device Manager and removed ALL entries
under the mouse section and re-booted?
as per,

Have you also cleaned the Registry?


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