Mouse exhibits malfunctioning PDA digitizer symptoms

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I could not figure out a better subject line to explain the problem.  But
with a PDA, if the digitizer is off a bit, then when you try and choose a
function on the touch screen, you could find that you have to touch the
stylus above or below or left or right of the icon to get it to recognize
the touch.  You can recalibrate the digitizer and get things back to normal.

Well, my Microsoft mouse that has been working fine for several years is
displaying a similar problem.  If I place the pointer at the center of an
icon and press the button, it does not select the icon.  I need to move the
pointer a bit higher, near the top of the icon.  The same situation occurs
with menu choices, tabbed notebooks in dialog boxes, etc.  It is as though
the "digitizer" needs calibration.  Of course, I have no idea if such a
concept really applies to PCs, it is simply the only metaphor that comes to

Since the mouse has worked fine for years, I assume that I do not need to
get a new driver, but I am not sure.  Is there a procedure to get the mouse
pointer realigned somehow?  Would it be a good idea to uninstall and
reinstall the drivers or to uninstall the mouse and reboot and let the
system find it?  Any ideas?


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