Mouse clicks turn into drags

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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about my mouse problem...

Some time in the last month or so it has become difficult to select multiple
files in Explorer with my mouse and the CTRL key. Normally, I'd click the
first item, then hold CTRL and click a second and third, etc... until I had
all the files selected that I wanted.

Now, as I'm clicking, I'll suddenly end up doing a drag. Even if I'm SUPER
careful and make sure not to move the mouse I still end up dragging.  Also,
when I CTRL-click links in Firefox to open in a new tab I end up doing a
drag here as well.

I've tried looking for some kind of "help me click" type settings but they
aren't available in the Mouse panel or mouse hardware properties. I know
it's not a defective mouse as I've tested it elsewhere.

The only thing that I've noticed is that I can select more reliably if I
release and press the CTRL key once I'm over the item. Then move the mouse
slightly and THEN click.


Re: Mouse clicks turn into drags


It's a Logitech MX700 cordless mouse an a Logitech cordless keyboard.

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Re: Mouse clicks turn into drags

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Have you accidentaly switched on 'sticky keys' (an accessibility option)?

Re: Mouse clicks turn into drags

Noozer wrote:
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I've seen that behavior in two scenarios:

(1) Failing mouse

(2) Poorly written spyware that hooked the mouse but
     apparently screwed up the messages.

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