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Been looking around, and can't seem to find any motherboards that are
compatibile with RAM above 800 MHz. Anyone know of any that can RAM
at at least
1000 MHz?

Re: Motherboards

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For Intel or AMD?
If  Intel, Asus P5WD2-E, for example !

Re: Motherboards

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If you look at the chipset datasheets for DDR2 motherboards,
some support DDR2-533, some up to DDR2-667, and a few are
DDR2-800 (just not with 2GB DIMMs). The DDR2-1066 is
chipset overclocking territory, and you have to look
in the motherboard manual, for a table that shows what
combo of FSB will allow a memory clock that high.

Some Asus boards offer DDR2-1066 when you use a FSB1066

Maybe you could also get there, by installing an FSB800
processor, selecting DDR2-800 for a memory setting, and
then increasing the CPU clock by 25%.

While I haven't been keeping track of "hero experiments"
with RAM, I think DDR2-1066 is pushing it. The RAM
may have that rating, but maybe not all the motherboards are
willing to work at that speed, even if there is an
overclocking option available to do it. I would consult
the results on a site like Anandtech, to see how easy it
is to reliably run a motherboard at DDR2-1066.

Here is an article grabbed at random:

"OCZ EL PC2-8000 XTC: Low Latency PLUS DDR2-1100"

Maybe a Conroe X6800 FSB1066 processor ($1000+),
a P5W DH Deluxe ($270), and some DDR2-1066 ($xxx)
might be the way to go. Start saving up your pennies.


Re: Motherboards

Thank you, Paul, I figured that was the answer but I wanted to be

And I
have not yet decided AMD or Intel. Core 2 Duo looks nice but so
do the drop in
AMD prices. :)

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