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Does anyone know what the diameter is on a (sort of) standard hex
motherboard standoff?  One that looks like this:

A 5mm or 3/16" socket works, but I was hoping to know the standard (if
there really is one) dimension.

Re: Motherboard Standoff

Grinder wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Wikipedia has a section on this.

    "There is no rigid standard for what measurements a case's standoffs use.
     However, use of M3 and 6-32 threads is nearly universal.[citation needed]
     There is also no single standard for the height of the standoff;
     one quarter inch is common but not universal."

The site is where this *should* be documented,
but I can't find it.

I have some that look like yours, but mine are nickel plated, and look like
M3 thread on the bottom, and a standoff height of 0.25". It's pretty weird to
combine both measurement systems in the same item. A 6mm hex driver seems to
fit mine better than a 1/4" driver does (from flat face to flat face, it's
5.994mm - it's still slightly loose inside the 6mm driver). The female thread
on the top of the standoff is different than the male thread on the bottom.

Since your one fits a 5mm driver, then it can't be the same as the one
I've got.

The only reason I bothered comparing it, is it looks like yours, but
apparently isn't quite the same.

And the Wikipedia sample picture, shows they're all over the place in
terms of dimensions. Which is why you have to use the hardware that comes
with your computer case. Always keep the bag of screws...


Re: Motherboard Standoff

On 6/6/2010 10:44 PM, Paul wrote:
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The 5mm (3/16") standoffs are the only ones I've seen with new cases,
but I tend to buy Antecs.

Re: Motherboard Standoff

Over the years I've saved some of every different one I've run across
just in
case I ever needed to change one.

In just the 1/4" high, threaded on one end, tapped on the other, I've
seen 5 or
6 different dimensions across the flats and the 4 possible
versions of thread
and tap between inch and metric. In the parts box
there are probably 8 or 9
slots where they are segregated.

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