Motherboard Power Switch ???

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I am trying to rig a new machine for my son in California.  I have a
Gateway with a bad KALEX K668 MOBO.  I have a spare good ASUS
P4B533-VM MOBO that I no longer need and that I know works.  I want to
put my MOBO in the Gateway.

Sounds simple enough.  Well, I have it working just fine, but I have
to 'cross' the power switch pins on the ASUS MOBO to get it to boot
up.  The Gateway comes with all the wires for speaker, power switch,
reset switch, etc collocated in a 8-pin block. traced a blue-white
wire-pairing to the Gateway case on/off switch.  At least it looks
that way.  

I stripped the blue-white pairing and spliced a new two-pin connector
to it, thinking that if I then put the new connector on the pins I
have to cross, when I trip the case on/off switch, the MOBO should
power up.

No such luck I'm afraid.

So can anyone suggest something else I can try?  My son will need an
on-off switch of course.  Or some other way to power up.



Re: Motherboard Power Switch ???

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What are you leaving out? That an ohm meter verified that the spliced
connector reads zero ohms when the power switch is depressed, yet does
not turn on the motherboard?

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Re: Motherboard Power Switch ???

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007 20:54:46 GMT, Jethro

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I suspect you don't have the correct two wires, retrace it
to the switch again.  It might be easier to do if the bezel
is off and if there is a circuit board screwed onto it, to
remove that.

The other alternative is if you have a multimeter, you can
check continuity on different combinations of wire pairs
until you find the right two, though presumably you want all
the switches and LEDs working that the Asus board supports,
so removing all these switches and LEDs from the case should
make it easier to wire it all up.

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