motherboard power prongs trouble

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i don't know how these prongs got unplugged.. but i'm stuck here.. i
get no connection with my monitor (almost as if it wasn't plugged in
to the mb) and i can't turn the computer off through the switch on
the front. i understand that these prongs are for power.. but i don't
know which ones go in which slots. hopefully this is the reason the
monitor is not functioning and i know it's why the power switch won't

btw the mb is a gateway 300s

here is a pic of my problem.. any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you

Re: motherboard power prongs trouble

On Sun, 04 Sep 2005 20:31:46 +0000, travis wrote:

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can't see the markings from your pix...
consult the manual that came with your mobo for exact connection details.
you can get one from the website of the mfg if for some reason you don't
have one...
otherwise have a close look with a strong light and a magnifying lens...
as the terminations are usually labelled

Re: motherboard power prongs trouble

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Well the single big plug goes onto the connectors nearest the corner of teh
motherboard. It should only fit one way round. As to the other connectors,
we are going to need a bit more info on the motherboard. Has it got anything
on it to identify it? (maker, numbers, etc.) Gateways site aint a lot of
help without more specific info.


Re: motherboard power prongs trouble

On Sun, 04 Sep 2005 20:31:46 GMT, (travis) wrote:

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It should be in your motherboard manual.

You might try rotating the following picture so it's missing
pin corresponds to one of the missing pins on  your board.

Something else you can do is quickly (briefly) touch a
screwdriver tip between each pair of pins, with the system
ready-to-run, so when you get the right pair you know since
it then turns on.  Then with that information you can
compare the pinouts you find with Google.  

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