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Hello all,

I'm about to purchase a new Intel-based PC, and am looking into purchasing
the "Asus P5S800-VM" motherboard:

I'm going to use the PC only for going on the net, and photo editing on
photoshop, so as you can see i don't exactly need a "power" system.

While we're at it, what differentiates a high end MOBO from a low end one?
The price difference between this mobo and the other upper end mobos is so
crazy.... Does a better MOBO perform better, or does it just offer better
customizing options? i mean, does a high-end mobo make :
- a faster system?
- a more stable system ?
- a more reliable/durable system ?

all in all, do you think i should buy this mobo if i want a good system that
will last me a long time (~5 years)?

thanks for your answers

Re: Motherboard opinion please

so nobody knows about this motherboard???? must be fairly new then...

can you guys at least answer my other questions please?

thanks a lot

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Re: Motherboard opinion please

It's an integrated board with built in video
with pretensions of speed. The video is proprietary
by SIS.
Other than that it's a low end board with only 2 memory slots.
It's not very upgradeable, but should be reliable. A higher end
board would have more PCI slots, PCI express video, more
memory slots, faster LAN.

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