motherboard not powering up

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I recently changed the Power supply on my mini ATX motherboard.
it does not power up. I made sure the new powersupply works fine.

when I unplug the CPU pins then, the fans on the powersupply and  the
heat sink power up.

what could be the problem ..


Re: motherboard not powering up

On 6 Jun 2005 10:39:49 -0700, wrote:

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Why?  Presume it was a failure?
What was the previous and the new make/model of power

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Do you have a multimeter handy so you might take voltage
readings in this state?

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Offhand I'd guess that whatever caused the prior PSU to
fail, is still in the system, or the prior PSU failure
damaged the system, OR the new PSU may work but be
insufficieint capacity... you failed to mention the system
beyond the board itself.

You might try clearing the CMOS and disconnecting all but
parts essential to POSTing the system- CPU, one memory
module, video.  Also examine the board for possibility of
failed capacitors,  especially to the left of the CPU

Re: motherboard not powering up

ya.. I think I goofed up.

one day , when I was doing something on the computer, I got a sweet
smell .. and the Comp shut down..
I assumed the PSU had burnt off.. and sent it for warranty
replacement.. but the new one also did not work..
that is when I realised probably something else could have triggered
I will now try to see what u recommended.. did try clearing the CMOS..
will try to check the capacitors.. etc... someone I know is an
electrical engineer and knows more about PCBs than me... with his
help.. may be I can figure out what went wrong
...also I have another question.. I have a brand new MOBO and also a
processor.. .can I try to see if the my old processor works fine on the
new MOBO.. but I dont want the hassle of having to use up the thermal
paste on the new heat sink.... I guess there is no other way to try
that.? is there

Re: motherboard not powering up

On 7 Jun 2005 21:20:24 -0700, wrote:

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I have no idea, you didn't tell us what CPU you have, nor
what the other board is.  However since the PCChips was
socket A, the odds are good that it would work, assuming
another socket A board... though "new" doesn't necessarily
mean it supports same FSB, unless we assume "new" product
means new(er) technology too.

Use up thermal paste though?  A tube would do most people
several years, unless they're selling systems commercially
or own a fleet.

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