Motherboard Manual - KOB 693 DCS

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to plug the USB cable but could not locate where to plug it as "USB"
is no where printed on the motherboard. My device manager shows the
following under Universal Serial Bus controllers:

# USB Root Hub
# VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller

View the below mentioned link to see the photo...

Re: Motherboard Manual - KOB 693 DCS

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Look on the back of your PC next to your keyboard and mouse plugs. Are there
any rectangular sockets there? They are your USB sockets to plug devices
into. If there are no USB connectors on the back of your PC, then your
motherboard may have come with a USB backplate - a PCI riser with USB
connectors for your devices and a cable with a black plastic end with 9
holes in 2 rows, which you need to plug into your motherboard. Look on your
motherboard for a collection of pins - 2 rows of 5 pins with one corner pin
missing. The motherboard will have USB written on it next to these pins -
this is where you plug the black connector into.

Look here for loads of (old) links:

Some of them might still work, but it should give you a few pointers on what
to search for.

Re: Motherboard Manual - KOB 693 DCS

On 4 Apr 2007 12:09:19 -0700, "Shubhrajyoti"

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I think a link to a good higher-res picture of the board
would help more than of Device Manager.

Generally the USB header is a dual row of 10 pins, sometimes
one pin is missing to key it to the connector.

If you have a multimeter it could be useful to check for
power and ground pins.

Re: Motherboard Manual - KOB 693 DCS

Shubhrajyoti wrote:

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For support for your motherboard go to:

But I dare to say (for the model number) that your board uses a VIA Pro133
chipset that usually is paired with the VIA vt82C686a/b southbridge which
supports up to four (4) USB 1.1 ports (two on the rear of the pc and the
other two through the apropiate bracket), it can  be paired (not usual)
with the vt82C596b southbridge which only supports two (2) USB 1.1 ports.

Hope this helps.

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