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ive just aquired a enmic nmc-8tax+ motherboard with cpu and ram, only
problem is i cant find a manual for it.
anybody got a book for one of these or at least a diagram that i can get a
copy of.

thanx for any help

Re: motherboard manual

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Couldn`t find much about this board, but it could be German (???)
however did find a guy in Germany that has/had one, and might be able to

Sorry it`s a stinker, but read his article.


Re: motherboard manual

D.Rennie wrote:
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This page says "NMC 8TAX+ (baugleich mit EPOX 8KTA+)",
which suggests you should try looking for an 8KTA+
manual instead. Motherboard is KT133 and socket S462.

Picture here, so you can do a visual check. /

Epox is no easier to find manuals for, since they're out
of business as well. Some of the employees formed a
company called Supox, and there is supposed to be
some website in Russia, but otherwise, it may take
some work to dig up the manual. (Just because the
company became Supox, doesn't mean they took all the
manuals with them. For the older stuff, you may still
have to look elsewhere.)


Re: motherboard manual

Paul wrote:
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By using the Epox USA site, I can get some files names for the manual
for the EP-8KTA+.

But the download doesn't work, because it is looking for an FTP server
that isn't there. These are the file names.

8kta+0011.pdf  mu-8kta+&211.pdf

The second of those files, is available here. See if the switch
and jumper information, is consistent with the labeling of
switches and jumpers on your board.


Re: motherboard manual

i found the ep-8kta+ manual it looks the exact same board only a different
colour, anyway i used those settings on the nmc-8tax+ and they seem to be
working ok.

it only cost me 4.50euro
with an athlon 1300 ,640mb ram and a geforce2mx 32mb
so its worked out a really cheap system

thanx for all your help

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