Motherboard help please!

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I am repairing a PC that does not display anything on the screen but
the power does work. I removed the RAM and i get the three beeps
through the speaker. After replacing the RAM, i removed the AGP
graphics card. This time i got no beeps. Thinking this could be a
problem with the AGP slot i tried to use a PCI graphics card for
testing purposes. Again i got a blank screen. I am now thinking that
the motherboard has died although am confused as to why i get the beeps
for RAM but not for Graphics. Has anyone known a motherboard to only
half work before?

Just for clarity i will outline the original problem: The pc was
working when all of a sudden the screen went blank and nothing would
work. The pc was then powered on and since has not been able to display
anything. My guess is that the CPU or motherboard has become faulty -
are there any other ideas or ways to confirm which it is?

Thanks for your help,
Gareth Jones

Re: Motherboard help please!

Do you know for sure your monitor did not go out?


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Re: Motherboard help please!

Yes, i have tried multiple monitors that i know work.

Thanks for the reply... any other ideas?


Re: Motherboard help please! wrote:
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Bad/Incompatible RAM (MBs don't ALWAYS beep)
Dead video
Bad Power supply
Bad CMOS battery (probly not)
Yank all the daughter cards, drives and all that.

Dead CPU

Incorrect jumper or BIOS settings. Read the manual. Or at least the
silk screen.

Possibly bad capicitors, but probly not, check anyway.


Dead something non-replacable :)

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