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I'm new in this area. Could you help me with something?

I want to buy a new motherboard for my hp ze5730 laptop. the old one
355478-001 is beyond repair. And now i'm seeing there are lots of
326682-001 motherboards, and few of the one I need. But the two look
exactly the same and I cannot find any further specifications to know
whether the two are compatible, which I really want to be the case. I
saw that both could be seen in configuration with the same processor
(Intel Pentium 4, 2.3 ghz). I have a 2.8ghz celeron.

well, thanx

Re: motherboard change

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That was the only question but didn't ask anything specific.  Just WHAT is
it on which you need help?  At this point and with no specific question, my
guess is that you want to be sure that your current install of some OS on
your hard drives will remain usable after the mobo change.  For Windows, you
will have to perform an in-place upgrade (Repair) using the install CD to
let the OS know what mobo you have swapped into the system.

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Re: motherboard change

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The 326682-001 may be compatible with your notebook.
Please see;
While the 355478-001 is at;

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