Motherboard causing freezing - Solved

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I wanted to followup an old previous post about a problem with two Soyo
SY-6BA+100 boards, as the problem seems to be specific to these boards.

The original problem was lockups in Windows, while running with a bus
speed of 133 MHz (which is advertised for this board).  Reducing the
bus speed to 100 MHz fixed the problem temporarily, but eventually both
boards died completely (no longer post).  I have two of these boards
and it appears on further inspection that a couple capacitors went bad
on both of them.  Both boards had the exact same problem happen out of
the blue, around the same time.  I am not sure why this would have
happened.  The only thing I know is that with this board, since it uses
the i440bx chipset that the chipset is overclocked when the bus speed
is at 133 MHz.  I am guessing others will have this same problem.  A
possible solution is the Abit SA6R motherboard, which also has the
Highpoint HPT 370 IDE RAID controller (but uses a socket 370 processor
and not a SECC2, also uses the i815 chipset which supports 133 MHz
bus).  So in theory you may be able to swap the hardware from the
SY-6BA+100 to the SA6R (with a processor) and boot right up.  I have
not been able to find a working SA6R to try this on, I just scrapped
the SY-6BA+100.

Hope this helps any others having the same problem.

Re: Motherboard causing freezing - Solved

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There was a period of time when a lot of bad capacitors were being used by
motherboard manufacturers - unbeknownst to them.  The electrolyte in the
supplied caps was not up to standard in the least and caused problems like
you experienced.  I had the same problem with an old ABIT BE6-II board.

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