Motherboard bugs

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Dear all!
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IDE Rocket raid 404 in a PCI slot and tried to boot Windows through
it. Now the hard-drives are identified, but when Windows starts to
load, the screen soon flashes and the computer reboots. After a few
tries now the computer wonít even start to load Windows through the
raid. Now and then I can successfully load Windows though one of the
motherboard IDE ports. Then upon next boot-up no hard-drive is found.
So everything points to either the IDE cable or the hard-drive, but
Iíve tried different cables and different hard-drives with the same
result. What is going on? And why the reboot when loading through the
raid? Thank you for your attention.

The motherboard seems to be remembering a bit more than the bios
settings, even with the battery turned off. I wonder if there is a way
to reset the motherboard completely in order to delete bugs and
unconstructive habits. Because Iím starting to believe that my hard
drive problem may be due to a motherboard bug. Either that or it has
become oversensitive to the quality of the IDE cable. You see, every
time that I tried with a different IDE cable, or with a different IDE
port, or a different hard drive, the problem was all of a sudden gone.
Then after a while it was back. But at last I couldít load windows a
single time with any of the 5 IDE cables I tried, because the computer
started to reboot each and every time windows was loading Ė at the
exact same place every time, as if it had learned a new habit. By the
way, I was surprised to notice that bios now had started to remember
the time and date since the last time the computer was on, even though
the battery was removed for hours. Then again I changed to the other
of my 2 hard drives and at last installed a brand new IDE cable. And
now the bad habit was finally broken and windows is loading again.
This hard drive that I got to work now is one that I used for a few
years until the discribed problem began. At first the computer would
start to hang after a certain sound from the hardware. Then one day
the hard disk was not found during boot up. I reasoned that the hard
disk was about to fail, and got a new one. Imagine my surprise when I
connected it and there was still no hard disk found. I then reasoned
that it must have been the IDE cable that was bad, and changed to
another IDE hard disk cable I had, but at the same time connected it
not to IDE1, where the other cable had been, but to IDE 2. Well I have
to say the hard disk was found now, and the computer worked well for
about 6 months, the hard disk was always found, only the last month
the problem with the computer hanging after a sound from the hardware
became more and more frequent. And then one day when electricity went
off for half a second and the computer rebooted, the old problem was
back again. No hard disk found. I would change something Ė IDE cable,
IDE port, or power input, and the problem seemed to be solved. Then
later it was back. And so on.
I guess my questions are: can the motherboard really become
oversensitive to the quality of the IDE cable? And how do you reset
the motherboard completely?

Re: Motherboard bugs

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There should be a jumper on the motherboard to do that.

If the time is retained when the battery is out for hours, most likely
you still had it plugged into the mains when you left the battery out
and thats your problem, you arent actually resetting the cmos at all.

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