Mother board with para port.

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Anyone know if this is the old style parallel port rather than the add  
on card type?

I have an application that uses a dongle in the port that does not work  
with the card type add ons.


Re: Mother board with para port.

John wrote:
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That style of design, terminates on the SuperI/O.
The brand of chip could be Nuvoton, but I can't
make out the part number.

If I take a SuperI/O from my datasheet collection,
this is what it says for that style of port.


I don't know how to figure out the I/O address
for that thing. The chip is on the LPC bus, and
I don't know how an I/O instruction maps to the
LPC bus. How the transaction gets directed to
the right place.

Wikipedia has this to say about LPT

     * Logical parallel port 1: I/O port 0x3BC,
          IRQ 7 (usually in monochrome graphics adapters)
     * Logical parallel port 2: I/O port 0x378,
          IRQ 7 (dedicated IO cards or using a controller built into the mainboard)
     * Logical parallel port 3: I/O port 0x278,
          IRQ 5 (dedicated IO cards or using a controller built into the mainboard)

My two powered computers at the moment, don't
have parallel ports on the motherboard. So I don't
immediately have access to a sample to give
a number on a board that still has the port.

I can tell you though, I have a PCI Express parallel
port, and both the I/O address is wrong, as well
as the port not being recognized by VPC2007 (virtual
machine software) as a port that can be passed thru
to a VM. So while I have a piece of software that
will work with my LPT3 on this board, not every
piece of software is as forgiving about the
non-standard nature.

Your motherboard on the other hand, should be OK.
It should be "dongle material" :-)

Nobody wastes a PCI or PCI Express parallel port chip
on a design that needs other SuperI/O stuff anyway.
While it's getting harder to buy old-fashioned SuperI/O
chips, these motherboard companies buy those by the million,
and getting 10,000 to build a batch of your motherboard,
probably isn't a problem for them.

Good luck,

Re: Mother board with para port.

On 02/24/2016 04:27 PM, John wrote:
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Yep. that's a standard parallel port and it should work

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