Most cost effective system for Beowulfing?

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Hi guys. Can anyone recommend an optimal system in terms of bang for
the buck, for using as a Beowulf node? Current links/citations in this
regard would be much appreciated.

The tasks on the system wouldn't take more than 512MB of RAM, will be
fine with onboard graphics, but it would require as many CPU FLOPS as

There must be an optimal CPU/motherboard/etc. configuration. Too high
spec processors will cost you in terms of diminishing returns; e.g. for
the price of 1 AMD64 939-pin FX57 you could buy 10 AMD64 754-pin
Sempron 2800+ CPUs, the collective latter of which I'm pretty sure will
outperform the FX57. Obviously I'm simplifying things as you only need
one mobo/PSU/etc. for the FX57, while you need 10 for the Semprons.


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