More ram or Higher clock speed

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is is better to have more ram (768MB) at a lower clock speed ( 233Mhz) or
less ram (512MB) at a higher clock speed (400Mhz)?? i cant really notice a
difference in the load tomes but it may affect game performance.  


Re: More ram or Higher clock speed


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Depends on the specific use, how much memory it consumes.
Check Task Manager for some figures.  For modern 3D gaming
it is common to need (benefit from) more than 512MB, but you
can always run some benchmarks if you have the memory to

Re: More ram or Higher clock speed

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  Each situation can have a unique answer to that question, but
as a "General Rule"

1.  You can't make-up for not having the required amount of
memory by having faster memory.

2.  The OS and most programs make dynamic use of memory.
If you provide more memory, many programs can make good
use of it.  In some cases they will increase their internal buffers,
often allowing then to operate "faster".

3.  You will find that program system requirements will list
a seemingly ever increasing  requirement for a larger amount
of memory, but you never see a memory "Speed" requirement

4.  It's much more important that your memory speed match
the requirements/capability of the MB and System BIOS.
(and recently the CPU's memory controller).  Whatever
speed is stable and trouble free in your system, is the best.
( This is practically never, the fastest the memory can be
run at.)

So given the choice of "Faster" or More, you should go with
More, in almost all cases.


Re: More ram or Higher clock speed

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There is very little savings in going with slow memory. 400Mhz is what you
should be getting for DDR memory (faster that this is MUCH more expensive
and required overclocking to see a gain). If you are just adding more memory
to a system with 233Mhz already, the 400Mhz will still work and provide a
benefit later on when you move it to another PC, or try to sell it.

Re: More ram or Higher clock speed

It depends on your processor speed. With a 1 Ghz CPU you won't notice any better
performance with the faster memory. With a 3 Ghz CPU the 400 Mhz memory will
give significantly better performance than 233 Mhz memory. As others have said,
it is better to have enough relatively slow memory than not enough faster
memory. The performance hit from slower memory is insignificant compared to the
permance hit from using the page file.

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