monitor won't come out of energy mode sometimes

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I'm using Acronis True Image to make a clone of my main drive.  The
procedure calls for me to put the Acronis Bootable disk in the drive and
then shutdown at which time I insert the drive I'm going to clone to in a
removable bay.

The problem occurs when I turn the computer back on:  the monitor won't come
out of "sleep" mode.  I'm not sure if "sleep" mode is the right way to call
it.  But when I turn off the computer, the monitor goes into its energy
saving mode and then won't come out of it..

Any ideas about what would cause this problem.  I'm using an ATI
Xpert99/Xpert2000 video card and I have installed the latest drivers.

Windows XP SP2.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: monitor won't come out of energy mode sometimes

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 18:31:14 -0600, "bearman"

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It should have nothing to do with Windows, Acronis, or the
bootable disk, unless there is some very unique and rare
short in your floppy drive, which is most unlikely and
should be ignored for the time being... but perhaps a last
test would be to remove the floppy but keep the removable
drive in the bay and see if that matters.

Based on your description, it would seem that inserting the
removable drive prevents the system from POSTing.  To
isolate this, try connecting the drive directly to the
interface without the removable bay inbetween... if it works
then, inspect the bay.  If it doesn't work, try another
drive and measure power supply voltages with a multimeter at
the initial power-on interval during a no-POST event.

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