Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode!!

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I have a Sony SDM-P234 LCD monitor that has been stuck in power save
mode for
the past week. I remember that I was surfing the web like
normal and out of
nowhere my monitor suddenly went to a black screen
with a message in the middle
saying "No Input Signal. Input 3: DVI-D. Go
to Power Save."(the screen goes
blank shortly after displaying the
message) The computer(Alienware, desktop, I
have had for 3 years) is
still running because I can hear it, but the light on
the monitor has
turned from green to orange. Pressing it will turn the light to
red to
turn it off. Pressing it again to turn it on, will cause the light to be
green, but it will turn back orange again when the "No Input Signal"
leaves the screen. I get the same message from the monitor even
when the
computer is turned OFF. Nothing seems to boot at all - there is
no POST beeps
and I cannot get into the BIOS.  I have tried:

- Restarting my computer. // many times
- Turning my monitor off and back on. // many times
- Unplugging and replugging DVI-D cable to computer. // many times
- Unplugging and replugging DVI-D cable to monitor (to the 3rd port
which is a
DVI port, not sure what the first two are).
- Restarting the power from the surge protector.
- Pressing random keys on my keyboard and clicking my mouse.
- Checked to make sure there are no bent pins on the DVI ports.
- Double-checked to make sure video card and RAM sticks are secured in
The computer has never been dropped/kicked/etc.

(I encountered this same problem several months ago but solved it
temporarily by
pushing my monitor's power button off and back on. I also
tried making sure it
wouldn't happen again by completely
disabling/turning off all my power settings
in the Control Panel.)

I have received advice from friends that it could be a problem with my
PSU but I
was hoping to get this fixed without going through the trouble
of hardware
replacement. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,
thank you!

Re: Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode!!

The monitor 'may not' power up if there's isn't any command and since
machine isn't booting then there will be no signal telling the
monitor to turn

For no boot I too would suggest trying the Power Supply Unit, doesn't
to be a brand spanking new one, as long as its a known good one
with the power
rating (Wattage) equal to or greater than the one that is

Also we mustn't
forget the memory retention battery for the bios chip,
usually a 3 Volt coin
cell. Do note once this is removed for two minutes
or more you will need to do a
bios set up as the setting will revert to
factory default.


Re: Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode!!

On 12/27/2009 4:42 PM, Noke wrote:
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The symptoms really don't suggest that it is "stuck" to me. Seems more
likely that the monitor simply isn't receiving the proper signal. If you
can borrow another computer and monitor one definite way to find out is to
connect the "bad" monitor to the borrowed computer and the borrowed monitor
to the original computer. After that you will know for sure where the
problem lies.

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