Monitor radiation, symptoms ?

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Bought a Hyundai Image Quest P910 19" CRT monitor some years ago, the
monitor works fine but after 30 min of say playing Far Cry and
concentrating on the screen that's running at 100Hz and 32 bit colour
on a 9800XT card I get a blocked nose and eyes run as if crying,
literally, but after walking away from it for just a few mins the
symptoms go away completely.

Is there a Doc or someone with medical experience here that could
throw some light on what is happening ?

Is this possibly a symptom of radiation and if so is the monitor
faulty or is there a way to stop it.

Nornal use does not do it, only when virtually staring at the screen.

And NO I'm not close to the screen, at least 2'6" away.

Re: Monitor radiation, symptoms ?

(digisol) wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

  "In fact, the ionizing radiation a person absorbs from the rocks,
   masonry and construction materials in many buildings is generally
   orders of magnitude greater than any emissions from a VDT."

  (VDT = video display terminal = CRT = cathode ray tube)

It could be an environmental factor. Such as fumes from the monitor
or computer. (Many pieces of electronic equipment are protected
by flame retardant chemicals, to reduce the risk of fire.)

It could be mold or mildew in a carpet, or something you are allergic
to in the vicinity. (Cat/dog allergy ?)

When you are gaming, do you remember to "blink" your eyes ?
Have an observer sit next to you, and watch you while you
are gaming. Some people have eye troubles because they
don't actually blink their eyes while staring at the

I think there is a fairly large list of other things to consider,
before radiation. And if you try to research this on the Internet,
consider that many of the authors of sensational web pages, like
to wear tin-foil hats :-) Sometimes they forget, it is shiny side
out, not shiny side in :-)

   Paul (not a doctor, or even pretending to be one)

Re: Monitor radiation, symptoms ?

The only drama there is that as of even last night playing either Far
Cry, Delta Force 2, Sniper, Ravenshield rainbow six 3, all did it on
the very same system which sits just above and to the side of the
monitor well over 4 feet away from my head.

I can only assume that concentration has something to do with it, but
on the other hand doing serious photo work with Corel Photo paint or
similar s/w it does not do it and the levels of concentration when
working with a picture pixel by single pixel for many hours,
literally, makes it more confusing when it does not happen.

The area is well ventilated with air conditioning and or open windows
very close to both system and monitor, although it does happen mostly
while playing Far Cry I can't see a game being the reason no matter
what game it is naking the reason more of a puzzle.

Should I say go make a coffee and be away from the PC, by the time the
jug has boiled the symptoms have gone.

I can assume the monitor has changed internally, perhaps.

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