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I'm not sure if this is the right group but if not, please let me know!!

Ok... the problem is that my church brought a projector but the screen that
we use to show the picture is too small and because of the setup of the
church, we cannot move the projector forward which would obviously solve the
problem. The only obvious solution is by getting a wider screen but I was
wondering if there was a way to reduce the image I'm sending to the
projector. I tried to explain this to someone else and they didn't get it,
so I'm hoping you do. Basically reducing the image on your screen without
using the monitor controls....

Hope that made sense

Re: Monitor/Projector Help!! wrote:
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Maybe a different lens would work ?

This projector seems to have optional replacement lenses:

Panasonic has a "throw calculator" here:

Projector Throw Distance Calculator

Maybe you can buy a new lens and sell the old one.

Padding the desktop image, to make it fit a portion of
the total image area, would reduce the resolution (number of
dots) used to render the desktop image. Text would be even
less legible than normal. Video quality would suffer. Somehow
I doubt this is the right way to go, even if Powerstrip
( could be convinced to set the screen up
that way. If the size difference was small it would be OK,
but if you are off by a factor of 2 or more, I think the
results would be bad. Besides, with your current optical
mismatch, you sre losing a significant portion of your
light output.

A projector will have a pretty low resolution limit, which
is why there aren't a lot of "dots to burn" by doing the

Powerstrip has a "size" control, and I don't know if it allows
extreme adjustment or not. Powerstrip is intended for ATI and
Nvidia video cards, and the author(s) of the program have little
interest in making it work for buult-in (Northbridge) graphics.
Which means things like the graphics output of an 865G on a
motherboard, won't be programmable by this program.


Re: Monitor/Projector Help!! wrote:
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If you let us know which model projector, we may be able to better help
you. Also, read the manual if you have one. Often calling the
manufacturer's help line, or emailing them, can yield positive results.

An email in the format "We have X model projector, which has to sit Y
feet away from, the screen, which is Z feet across. The image is too
big for the screen, and we can't move the projector closer, what do you
suggest?" Is useful.

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