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Hi all,

when I'm playing some computer games (specifically Pro Evolution
Soccer 6 and to a lesser extent Football Manager 2007) I notice that
there are times when the animation seems to jitter.  This is quite
frustrating and I am looking for advice on what I could do to fix

I know my machine has high enough spec for the games which I play so
it's not that.  But beyond this I don't know what could be causing the

Here's my computer's spec;

CPU: AMD Athlon 64bit X2 4200+
GFX card: Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
Monitor: Relisys TL766 17" TFT LCD

Any ideas / pointers to what I could do?


Re: monitor jitter

johnmmcparland wrote:
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One solution. Start a game, alt-tab back to the desktop. Open TaskManager
via control-alt-delete. Set affinity for the task being used by the game.
Assign the game to core 0 or to core 1, but not to both cores. The
normal condition would be for the check box for both cores being

Stuttering is caused by the OS changing performance states, tossing the
game from core to core, and just generally misbehaving. Setting affinity,
so the game is forced to stay on one core, is a possible solution. There
are some games, that even with the patches below, setting affinity is
still needed.

Other tools are things like the AMD "Dual Core Optimizer".,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

For some background info, you can go to the end of this thread, and read
the thread backwards. That is so you will get the freshest feedback about
use of the Optimizer and the Microsoft patch.

There are a couple comments here as well. I don't have an X2, so
don't know anything about the Optimizer from first hand

Hope that helps,

Re: monitor jitter

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As your hardware is well up to the requirements for those games, I must
presume there is either a driver problem, or another task is kicking in and
taking over for a moment. If the 'jitter' happens at the same time in the
game, then I would suspect drivers, if it is unpredictable, I would suspect
something else competing for the CPU (although don't rule out drivers here

Get yourself the latest driver for your 7600GT, then see if the problem goes
away. If it doesn't, then close all other applications and investigate
processes that are running at the same time as the game. Search the web for
each process running and kill and non-system processes and see if the
problem then goes away.

Re: monitor jitter

Thanks to both you guys but I'm afraid I haven't been able to get
anything to work.

I've tried;

updating DirectX,
updating the processor's driver,
updating the GFX card driver,
setting the affinity of the process to run on one core,
installing the dual core optimiser,
killing non-essential processes

but none of them even slightly reduced the jitter when playing the

any ideas anyone?

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