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I just purchased a Samsung T220 monitor and can't get it to work correctly
with my (old) Radeon 9800 Pro card.
I installed the latest Catalyst v. 9.3 drivers and Samsung monitor drivers.
However, when I set the resolution (in anlog mode) to the Samsung native
value of 1680x1050, the desktop image is larger than the monitor and I have
to scroll and pan to see it completely. It seems that the image is
1680x1050, but the monitor views only a window of 1024x768 (or 1280x1024?).
On top of that, the image is stretched horizontally and unclear.
I also tried the Omega drivers, but nothing changed...
If I try to use the digital connexion, I get a small switching test window
analog/digital, then the monitor switches out.
I googled for a solution, and all I found was "it should work", or "mine
works without problem",  but never a solution, although someone mentioned
exactly the same problem.
Some people say this resolution is not supported on the 9800, but it appears
in the display settings, so I guess, as many others, that it is supported.
Is the monitor defective? or the video card? did I made some wrong settings?
Please can someone help ?

Re: Monitor issue

ElJerid wrote:
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hit the monitor reset button

Re: Monitor issue

ElJerid wrote:
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The last time I heard of that happening, it was with a motherboard built-in
graphics. The driver provides some kind of "pan within the desktop" mode,
where the virtual display is larger than the portion being sent to the monitor.
It took a different version of the driver to fix it.

One experiment you can try, is running dual monitor mode temporarily.
The driver will be less willing to try the "pan" thing, if the extended
desktop is constraining things.

In terms of utilities, you can try the MonInfo utility. It can display
some info about the EDID table coming from the monitor, over the
DDC serial interface.

If no EDID is visible, or if you are still having problems, you could
install the "Display Driver". Normally, people install these, because
of the ICM file (color management info). Color management is used by
programs like Photoshop, to correct the image on the screen for best
results from a color perspective.

; T220.inf 02/06/2008 ver. 3.0HC
; Copyright 2008 Samsung Electronics Corporation
; This is a Setup information file for Samsung Monitor.


The INF adds a registry entry, that should reinforce the
max supported resolution to 1680 by 1050. Maybe that
will change the driver/CCC panel behavior.


Re: Monitor issue

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009 00:25:29 +0200, "ElJerid"

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Since digital is theoretically, and actually visually if you
don't have a very good and short analog cable for the
comparison, better than analog, you ought to try to get
digital to work.

When the monitor switches out, check it's menu via the OSD
and monitor front or side buttons to see if there is a
manual way to switch to digital input.

As for analog, do the same, look through the monitor's menus
for an Auto (Or Manual) adjustment to see if that helps.

Otherwise, try an older, then older still, ATI driver.
Sometimes things break that used to work.

If all else fails, try the monitor on another system capable
of 1680x

Re: Monitor issue

I tried Paul's and Kony's recommandations, including testing on another PC.
With the Radeon 9800 Pro, nothing helped: older drivers, latest driver,
omega drivers, all gave very low quality images with no native resolution
available in analog mode. And in digital mode there was no image at all.
On another PC with Geforce 6600GT however, after installing the latest
drivers, 1680x1050 resolution became available and the image quality in
analog was excellent. But still no image at all in digital: only a small
search window switching between analog and digital, later an error message
"check video cable" and finally switch of.
So I decided to return the monitor to my local reseller where it was tested
and the technician noticed that the monitor was defective. I got a new one
which works perfectly (analog and digital) with the 6600GT, but with the
older 9800 Pro, I can' t set the card to the monitor's native resolution of
1680x1050, so the image is upscaled and of inacceptable quality.
Thanks again for your help.

Re: Monitor issue

ElJerid wrote:
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If all else fails with the ATI video card, use PowerStrip.

Powerstrip won't solve the problem, if there is an actual problem with
the DVI digital compliance to max clock rate (e.g. 165MHz or 1650 Mbit/sec
per channel). If the driver is restricting the resolution, because
the TMDS transmitter on the GPU cannot do a good job, then PowerStrip
shouldn't change that.

But if the issue is one of the driver simply missing that resolution
value, PowerStrip can fix that. For a long time (since the days I
built my own frame buffer, using a CRT5000 series controller), resolution
has been fully programmable. PowerStrip may achieve a 1680 x 1050
resolution, when the driver fails to deliver. Horizontal resolution
should be programmable to numbers divisible by 8, while vertical
should be divisible by 2. 1680 is divisible by 8, so it should be
an easy resolution to get, in either analog or digital.

(FAQ page)

PowerStrip works with ATI and Nvidia video cards. If working with
things like laptops, the author of that tool finds too many
differences between chips, to handle laptops. But for desktop
video cards, that tool may be a viable alternative.

The trial version gives the same features, as when it is registered.


Re: Monitor issue

On Fri, 5 Jun 2009 01:24:08 +0200, "ElJerid"

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Personally, I hate ATI drivers, feel that nobody should have
to  jump through hoops for it to work, despite all the ATI
shills on the internet, ATI has never (IMO) come close to
providing a bare minimum fully functional driver for
anything they have ever made.  

This has been a trend with them, if you want a fix  they say
buy our next product, we  *promise* it'll be fixed.
Nevermind  support or delivering product specs for owners!

Sure, it'lll work a lot of the time, but  not all the time.

Sometimes I come across ATI loyal owners who say I should do
this or that, a special procedure, and I do it, and it still
doesn't help, if it were that simple the problem would not
have  continued.

ATI hardware is good, but driver/software wise, you couldn't
pay me to  deal with that.

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