Monitor is showing amber light (led) when I start PC

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Monitor - Lg 700e Studioworks
Keyboard - Samsung Trution - TKB mulimedia keyboard
Intel desktop board - D865GBF

Can anyone suggest me what is wrong with my PC? Whenever I start my PC
it starts the CPU, fan, harddisk, but when I power on my monitor it
gives me amber light as if it is in standby. I do have a sleep button
in my keyboard, but I'm not sure If I pressed it any day. And if I have
done this, I'm sorry I do not know how to undo it.

Can anyone here suggest me or tell me what should I do or what seems to
be wrong with these kinda symptoms of my PC?

This happened when I was using my pendrive and suddenly it got
jammed/hanged. And I had to hit the restart button. And it came back
with that amber mode? After that I tried entering literally every key
on my keyboard which included sleep button.

Re: Monitor is showing amber light (led) when I start PC

If you leave that pen drive connected, that will
hang the PC during the boot.


Re: Monitor is showing amber light (led) when I start PC

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Shouldnt produce no video tho.

Re: Monitor is showing amber light (led) when I start PC

On 6 Sep 2006 15:28:09 -0700, "chillingdk"

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The video card is not outputting a signal to the monitor,
which "usually" happens because the system is not
initializing at all, not POSTing.

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Until the monitor gets a signal, it will stay (or go into)
sleep mode.  Does your system seem to do anything related to
booting?  It might be hard to tell since you can't see it,
but perhaps if you can hear your hard drive?

What's the history of this system?  Did it work previously
or not and how long, what has changed since then, etc?

You have not described the system well, provide a concise
list of all major components including the power supply
make/model/wattage.  How many of these parts are known
good/working?  Do you have any spare parts or access to
another system?

Try clearing the CMOS via jumper or pulling battery for 10
minutes, either of these methods while AC power is

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That's not the problem.  Unplug the system from AC and clear
CMOS, then plug it back in, and press the on button.
Nothing you had done previously with the keyboard will
matter at this point.

If you get no video, no post, examine the system including
cards, cables, fans, etc.  Retry it.  Unplug it and remove
all non-essential parts leaving only 1 memory module, CPU,
heatsink/fan, video.  Disconnect drives, keyboard, mouse,

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Forget about doing things with the keyboard.  If your pen
drive was plugged into a case port or similar, not one on
the back of the motherboard, unplug that port from the
motherboard pin header.  Check your manual for a 5V/5VSB
jumper, sometimes called the PS2/USB power on jumper for
keyboard or some kind of similar wording referring to being
able to turn on the system by a method other than the power
button.  Set that jumper to 5V, not 5VSB or 5VFP.

If your motherboard is blown you might investigate whether
it's under warranty still.

Re: Monitor is showing amber light (led) when I start PC


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Note that I don't think it's the cables/cards/drives/etc as
mentioned above, but if disconnecting the USB socket,
unplugping power and clearing CMOS don't help then you may
have a problem with the board and will have to strip it down
anyway, so you might as well try powering it up again once
all the extra parts have been removed.

Any more detail you can provide might help.  Does the pen
drive work in any other system (still)?  

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