Monitor is getting connected to CPU

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Power indicator shows that power is coming to CPU and Monitor but
nothing is coming on the screen (Monitor power light turns orange from
green) , it was working perfectly ok even few days back , what can be
the problem ? Can any one please help ?

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Re: Monitor is getting connected to CPU

On 19 Jun 2005 02:36:48 -0400, saik

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Might be the common, all-encompassing "failure to POST"
situation.  This simply means the system can't start running
due to (one of many types of) hardware or bios problem.

Since there are so many possibilities, one usually starts
with the most common things...

- clear CMOS by unplugging AC then using that board jumper
or pulling battery for 10 minutes.

-  check cards, cables, fans, etc.

- If you have a multimeter, take voltage readings through
the back of the power supply connector, for the main board
plug and the 4-pin 12V plug (if applicable).

- Strip system down to only essentials towards posting:
CPU, heatsink/fan, video, 1 memory module

- Start out a thread by posting a concise list of all major
hardware, including power supply make/model/capacity

Re: Monitor is getting connected to CPU

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Plug the video cable back into the monitor or video card.

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