Monitor gone wrong

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I was recently given a Proview PK-772 17" CRT monitor to use with a new PC
that i'd built.

So i disconnected the old piece of cr@p 14" monitor that i'd been using and
connected the Proview.
Booted up the PC and all seemed fine - the colour on the Proview was a bit
out of balance, but Windows XP booted to the desktop.
(The Proview hadn't been used for many months but was believed to be working

First thing i decided was to increase the refresh-rate from 60Hz (as it'd
been set to on the old monitor) to something a bit higher.
So, using MultiRes, i set a higher refresh-rate, i think i set it to 75Hz @
As soon as i changed the refresh rate the monitor went blank and seemed to
switch into standby mode, the monitor also started to make an endless series
of clicking type sounds.
The clicking sounds sound much like an electrical relay rapidly turning on
and off repeatedly - say two or three times a second.
I have MutiRes set up so that any invalid settings can instantly be
cancelled and previous settings restored by pressing escape, so assuming
that i'd set too high a refresh rate for the Proview i pressed escape
expecting it to return to a working 60Hz refresh rate.
It didn't work!
The monitor showed no display whatsoever and just seemed to be in it's
standby mode with the relay type switching sounds repeating endlessly.

I powered down and tried a reboot - no change, just the same clicking sounds
and no display.
I disconnected the Proview and connected the old 14" monitor - other than
booting to Safe Mode to restore the refresh rate to 60Hz it worked ok - no
I left the monitor, disconnected from both PC and mains, overnight hoping
it'd maybe work the next day.
But it's exactly the same - no display and the endless relay type clicking
There's no OSD either - the monitor seems to have rejected the higher
refresh rate and gone into standby mode but not returned to normal power on

What's the solution?
Have i damaged the Proview by selecting too high a refresh rate?
Anyone got any suggestions other than dumping the Proview?

I have a Proview 770 on this PC and if i set too high a refresh rate it'll
go into standby mode but as soon as i correct the refresh rate it's ok.
The PC that i connected the Proview to was using on-board video by the way -
it's a WinFast K7S741MG running a Sempron 2400+.

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Monitor gone wrong

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PS i forgot to add that the Proview now just makes the clicking sounds and
displays nothing whether connected to a PC or powered up not connected to a
(Sounds like i've broken it heh?).


Re: Monitor gone wrong

Martin wrote:

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Did you unplug the monitor from the AC for at least a minute, which may
possibly reset its logic?  Also try slapping the monitor fairly hard on
the left and right sides simultaneously to make any bad solder joints
act up, but don't do this while the monitor is on the same table as any
running hard drives since it can make the heads crash into the
platters.  See for more information.

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