Moisture Condensation - Video card

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I RMA'ed a BFG GeForce 6800GT OC. It was shipped UPS and they left it at my
front door. I live in Alaska, and we use the garage entrance to shed snow
gear, boots, etc. So, I didn't notice the delivered box. When I called BFG,
they said it had been delivered, so I checked, and there it was- after
spending 3 days on the front porch in -10F to +10F temps. When I opened the
packing, the card immediately had a thin film of moisture on it. I used some
canned air on it and am leaving it sit out. Is there a minimum amount of
time I should leave it sit, or is the card OK to install once it reaches
room temp and there are no visible signs of moisture?


Re: Moisture Condensation - Video card

Fitz wrote:
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Well, opening the anti-static bag was a mistake but there is no going
back now. I would just leave the card sitting on the opened anti-static
bag next to the computer for 24 hours and then install it. Given the
relative humidity that you are likely to see (I lived in Anchorage for a
very long time) any stray molecules of water should be long gone by then.

In my time in Alaska I handled literally thousands of pieces of
electronic equipment which had been shipped all over the state in the
winter and never once saw any damage that resulted from mere cold
temperatures -- even laser printers and other sensitive items survived
sitting on Alaska Airlines' ramp for days. Normally static is the winter
killer but that is easily sidestepped

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Moisture Condensation - Video card

Fitz wrote:
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i'm sure the card is fine to go by now...
but to be safe...why now give it 24 hours in a warm dry room

Re: Moisture Condensation - Video card

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 12:55:42 -0900, "Fitz"

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When something is that cold, it is best not to open it until
it has reached room temp... even opening the outer wrapping
will let more moisture in if the interior packaging was not

Once the card had the thin film of moisture, there was a
very real chance of it wicking under the BGA soldered parts,
such as memory or GPU itself.  Therefore, it can take quite
a while to dry- card could visually look dry but still have
water evaporating more slowly from under those parts.  It
should definitely not be tried immediately after reaching
room temp.

In a rush situation, moderately heated air plus a fan, or at
least the fan, would be used to gently dry it out.  Even
without these things a day or two should suffice in any but
very humid conditions.

If I were you I'd contact the local UPS to see if there's
something that can be done about leaving packages where they
won't be seen, especially in -10F weather.

Re: Moisture Condensation - Video card

There was no airtight came in an impact resistant plastic
container with an insert shaped to the card. It closed, but not airtight.
I've got it in the computer now and it's working fine. Thanks to all for the
help. I just let it sit for about six hours. I imagine UPS is not
responsible for the decision to leave it at the doorstep....if they follow
the same procedure as FedEx, the sender can opt for "leave" or "sign for".
Really can't complain...I should have specified in the RMA any special
delivery instructions. I thought they would have sent an email when they
sent the package, including the tracking number- but it's hard to fault fast
service. They also included a pre-paid shipping label to take care of the
return of the Advance RMA'd card. They certainly honored the "lifetime
warranty"- even without a receipt (they asked for a pic of the card in lieu
of a receipt).

Thanks again,

Re: Moisture Condensation - Video card

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006 11:55:58 -0900, "Fitz"

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Even if not air-tight, if the package is not opened then it
greatly limits the amount of air circulation around it, and
thus, the amount of moisture that can settle on it while it
warms up.

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I"m not necessarily suggesting they're responsible, likely
that is their standard procedure- but if you wanted,
specifically asked them to put it elsewhere, you never know,
they just might especially if it's the same one or two
delivery person(s) on that route.  I know if I asked my
FedEx or UPS guy he'd leave it at the other entrance

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