Modem connection problems

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Hi Experts,

About two weeks back I fell into a hole when neither of my computers
would connect me to an ISP. Each computer had a different 56K modem and
each would dial the ISP and indicate All Devices Connected. Almost
immediately they would pop up a message: Error 50 Network Request not
Supported, or Error 6 The handle is invalid. I removed the modems and
the tcp/ip and reinstalled but it made not a bit of difference.

I queried the ISP about the error messages and learned that the machine
that takes the incoming calls was somebody else's property and they knew
very little about the error messages.

Finally, my last straw was to load Win2K onto an 8GB hard disk that I
had already formatted into one of the computers - having removed the
suspect drive. After doing all the loading I was able to connect about
10 hours later. I had to take most of my software from CDs and DVDs that
I had made in the past when there were a lot less bugs around. Does
anyone think there is a pair of bugs in those two computers, or rather
on their HDs?

I already ran two up-to-date progs - Avira and Ad-Aware on both of them.
The Ad-Aware found about 10 mal-wares, though I am not sure how
dangerous they were.

I had been using Avast and SpyBot on both of these computers before the
problems arrived. I think all SpyBot ever caught was cookies. I put them
both on a train to Timbuctu.  :-)


Re: Modem connection problems

RF wrote:

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Your "I Am One Determined Dude" t-shirt is in the mail.  
It's refreshing to learn that your ISP (who willingly takes
your money) is so quick to walk away from helping.

There's a lot of chatter about these errors findable by a
net search.  Try this one:


Re: Modem connection problems

Bryce wrote:
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Thanks Bryce. I visited that link twice in the past week and had no luck
accessing it. However, I did today and it looks promising. Will work on
the suggestions soon and will let you know my progress.

Thanks again :-)

Re: Modem connection problems

RF wrote:
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I tried and had no success. I could spend forever on those techniques
and get nowhere. Now I am building up one Win2K OS and I will use
imaging to copy it to one or two backups. Anyone know of a very simple
and accurate imaging prog?

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