MOBO compatiblility question for Celeron 2.70GHz

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i have a 2.70GHz Celeron (400MHz fsb/128kb cache). i am looking to buy
a compatible MOBO for the processor. while browsing, i am
faced with the following choices:

The question regards the following MOBOs:
1. P4 / Celeron (478pin)
2. P4 Prescott / Celeron (Socket T / 478pin)
3. P4 Prescott / Celeron D

Clearly, my CPU should be compatible with #1.

-Is my CPU compatible with #2 and/or #3?
-What is the difference between Socket T and ###pin?
-If CPU is compatible with #2, would a #1 or #2 MOBO perform better?


Re: MOBO compatiblility question for Celeron 2.70GHz

amc wrote:
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There are two sockets (S478 and LGA775) and two
families (Celeron and Celeron-D) involved here.
The socket part should make part of the selection
process pretty easy, as a S478 processor will not
fit in a LGA775 (socket T) board.

Your Celeron is a Northwood family, 0.13u part.
It should work in any S478 socketed motherboard
within reason (check the CPU compatibility list
for the motherboard, on the motherboard manufacturer's
web site).

If you had a Celeron-D processor, the same could
not be said. Celeron-D would only work in a
"Prescott ready" motherboard. Plugging a Celeron-D
into a motherboard known to only handle Celeron,
results in a black screen and no post. (The Celeron-D
has a pin on its interface, that can detect whether
a Prescott ready motherboard is being used. The
Celeron-D would refuse to run if the expected signal
is not seen.)

So select a motherboard with the right socket
for the processor, and verify the compat list
before you buy the motherboard. With a S478
vanilla Celeron, if the motherboard has a
S478 socket, it should work.

To answer your question, I don't understand
catagory #2, as a motherboard should only have
one kind of processor socket. It looks like catagory
#1 is a clear choice at least. #2 would be fine
if the socket was S478. But the motherboard compat
list tells you for sure, and many mobo manufacturers
have those on their web site now.


Re: MOBO compatiblility question for Celeron 2.70GHz

thanks for all the info, paul. i was a bit confused about category #2,
myself. the second mobo on this page

on is Socket T but claims to be compatible with "P4
Prescott/Celeron"...strange. perhaps they do mean Celeron D. anyway, i
am not going to worry about it. thanks again.


Re: MOBO compatiblility question for Celeron 2.70GHz

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is the Intel page for Celeron. S478 is the last socket for
that branding. =

Celeron-D is available for S478 and LGA775. =


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