Mobile Intel chip height

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Does anyone know of somewhere that shows the physical dimensions of
intel cpus? I've done a lot of searching and Intels ark site does show
a lot of information about the chips but not the dimensions (that I can
find anyway).

My Samsung NP550P5C laptop has an i5-3210M in it and I recently bought
an i7-3630QM. This worked for a couple of days but then the lcd panel
display started jumping so that the display wasn't readable. I plugged
an external monitor in the vga port and both displays started working
perfectly. I put the i5 cpu back in and everything is fine so the i7
has to go back.

I chose the i7-3630QM because it was the only quad core I could find
that the NP550P5C used but I'm wondering about an i7-3840QM but that
has a sort of tin can cover on the chip which looks to be a lot higher
than the ones I've tried and I don't think my cooler will fit. This is
a laptop so changing the cooler isn't an option.

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Re: Mobile Intel chip height

Rodney Pont wrote:
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On the Ark page, there is a web link to the page with the datasheets.

For a given tech, typical docs are

    Datasheet Volume 1
    Datasheet Volume 2
    Specification Update
    Thermal and Mechanical guidelines

Now, you would probably assume that you need

    3rd Generation Intel Core Processor Family
          Thermal and Mechanical guidelines

While it isn't stated there, this information is likely
to be under NDA. If you skim the list, I don't think any
mobile entry has Thermal and Mechanical.

Good luck in your search,

Re: Mobile Intel chip height

On Tue, 08 Dec 2015 04:46:10 -0500, Paul wrote:

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Thanks, a lot of reading but now I think the 'canned' intel i7-3840qm
I've seen on Amazon is a generic desktop picture rather than the mobile
processor. Datasheet Volume 1 does have mechanical drawings in it for
the mobile gen3 processors so you are spot on!

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