Mixing Hard drives

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Disk 1
C: Drive (400gig) is partitioned c: Partition Basic NTFS Healthy(system)
                                 D: Partition Basic NTFS Healthy
The Actual drive is a Western Digital WDC WD4000KD-00NAB0  Sata I think

Right clicking the D: Drive in computer management gives me the option to
make it (Active),  should I?

Disk 0
E: Drive (200gig) is partitioned E: Partition Basic ntfs Healthy
This Drive came from my old P4 system also Western Digital WDC
 and is connected via a seperate cable and mobo socket.
Is it ok to have these two drives on this system or should E: Drive be also,
What is meant by active?

The reason for this post is that the system sometimes freezes on the Welcome
Screen on boot-up.


< Processor >
    Model:                         1x Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor
    Speed:                         1.81GHz
    Model Number:                  2914 (estimated)
    Performance Rating:            PR5428 (estimated)
    Cores per Processor:           2 Unit(s)
    Threads per Core:              1 Unit(s)
    Type:                          Dual-Core
    Internal Data Cache:           2x 64kB Synchronous, Write-Back, 2-way
                                   64 byte line size
    L2 On-board Cache:             2x 1MB ECC Synchronous, Write-Back,
                                   set, 64 byte line size

  < Mainboard >
    Bus(es):                       AGP PCI USB i2c/SMBus
    MP Support:                    2 Processor(s)
    MP APIC:                       No
    System BIOS:                   Award Software International, Inc. F7
    Mainboard:                     Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. nForce
    Total Memory:                  2GB DDR-SDRAM

  < Chipset 1 >
    Model:                         Nvidia Corp nforce3 CPU to PCI Bridge
    Front Side Bus Speed:          2x 804MHz (1608MHz data rate)

  < Chipset 2 >
    Model:                         Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon 64 /
                                   Opteron HyperTransport Technology
    Front Side Bus Speed:          2x 804MHz (1608MHz data rate)
    Total Memory:                  2GB DDR-SDRAM
    Memory Bus Speed:              2x 201MHz (402MHz data rate)

Re: Mixing Hard drives

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Yes, it's OK to have several drives of different types...
your active drive is the one the system boots from

Re: Mixing Hard drives

Mickey Mouse wrote:
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Only if you want to boot from it.
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You can mix PATA, SATA and SCSI on the same system and (depending on the BIOS)
boot from whichever drive you want.

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If a partition is active you can boot from it. You can have one active partition
on each physical drive. The system will boot from the active partiton on the
drive selected as the boot drive.
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                   Mike Walsh
            West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Re: Mixing Hard drives

"Mickey Mouse" wrote:
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    The Primary partition marked "active" is the one
whose Boot Sector gets control from the hard drive's
Master Boot Record at boot-up.  The boot sector
starts up "ntldr", the boot manager.  This loader,
plus boot.ini and ntdetect.com comprise the "boot
files" that control the boot-loading of Windows.
But this "active" partition needn't be the partition
that contains the Windows operating system.
*That* partition can be anywhere in the system -
on a Primary partition or in an Extended partition,
and on any hard drive.

     Microsoft calls the booting partition (the one with
the boot files) the "system" partition.  It calls the
partition containing the operating system the "boot"
partition.  Yes, it's inuitively backwards, but that's

     The thing to remember is that the "active"
partition containing the boot files, and the partition
containing the operating system can be DIFFERENT
PARTITIONS, although they are frequently the same
partition.  The thing that points to the location of
the operating system is the entry in the boot.ini
file - chosen by default at boot time or by the user
from the menu presented at boot time for multi-
booted systems.


Re: Mixing Hard drives

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Ok, Let me explain this again.

C: drive is a SATA WD 400 GB and is partitioned C: 127.99GB and D: partioned
to 244.62GB
Computer management indicates that C: is Healthy and D: is Healthy

I've installed my old IDE HD (WD200gb) from my old machine with seperate
ribbon and it is now E: drive
Computer management indicates the E: is also Healthy AND ACTIVE.

How did E: get to be active instead of C:?  If I format E: will my system
Can I switch the active from E: to C:

What is the best way to get things back to the way it should be?  I'm
prepared to reformat everything
if I have to.


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