Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB - Settings Help Required

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I've just got my monitor back from a service and I'm having difficulty with
a couple of settings. First thing I did was adjust the picture size so it's
right to the edge of the screen. But, when I restart my PC, the picture has
shrunk a fraction so I have to readjust it again. I've tried doing this with
both the monitors internal controls and the NaViSet software but the same
thing happens. The next thing I did was to adjust the brightness and
contrast. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the settings I used before I sent it
for servicing and can't quite get it right. I normally have the monitor set
on SB Mode 1 but my desktop (which is Black) looks a little washed out. If
anyone else has this monitor, the NaViSet software and settings which they
are happy with I would really appreciate any help you could provide.



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