Missing Power Management options

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Iíve got a WinXP Pro system, which until recently had the full range
of power management options and schemes (turn off monitor/harddisks,
system standby, system hibernation), but now has lost the option to go
into standby mode. The mode seems to be completely absent from all
options, including the advanced tab where you decide what should
happen when the "sleep" button is pressed. The only time its visible
at all is when you deactivate the ability to hibernate, but even then
its only a faded button in the window that appears when you click
"Turn off My Computer" from the start menu. Any idea what would
cause this?

Also, we have a minor issue with the display properties. One of the
computerís users has recently noticed the image of the recycle bin in
the example image of "Windows Themes", and says it was never there
before. Is there a way to remove this, or is it a permanent feature of
the example?

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