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I am looking for a way to miracast a non-miracast laptop with a P8400  
CPU and Windows 7 Pro.  I am trying to understand the hardware available  
and what I should be looking for in the hardware specifications that  
would confirm that there is a way for me to project my laptop screen to  
a television screen.  Looking for any guidance I can get if what I want  
to do is possible and hardware recommendations.  I will probably be  
about 12 to 15 feet away from the TV screen which is where I would also  
be placing the sending unit.

Brought to you from Anchorage, Alaska  

Re: Miracast

Bill Bradshaw wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

"Wireless Video Streaming: The Miracast & WiDi Disaster"


And that about sums it up. It's the kind of technology, a
person should research first person. I had 25 Firefox windows
open, with stuff on them, but was unable to write a convincing
answer. It appears numerous marketing departments have had
as much to do with breaking it, as anything else.

It uses compression. Other HDMI transmission schemes in the past
have used compression too. We've also had remote display technologies,
that are only suited to Powerpoint slide sets. One reviewer of a
Miracast solution, said "it's almost good enough for Netflix".


In 2012, an idea was presented here, for a laptop to have a high performance
wireless docking station. In the diagram, the docking station has an HDMI


Dell ships such a solution. A DW1601 wifi card with regular Wifi
as well as Wigig 60Ghz output. The laptop Dell puts that in, has a
60GHz antenna of some sort, in an area exposed for RF transmission.

Since your laptop would not have the 60GHz antenna in the back of
the LCD panel, and as well might be missing the necessary speed of
PCI Express lane on the Wifi slot, that would be a long shot. And
I can't find any other Wigig type solutions.


The DW1601, the PCB is made by Atheros, and Qualcomm/Atheros/Wilocity
are all involved in making this work. There are three antennas.
The regular Wifi output does 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The Wigig runs at
60GHz. And I'm surprised to see a "regular" antenna connector.
In the lab, we'd run a 40GHz signal through rigid coax (air line),
not the plastic dielectric of a regular cable. The loss would be
too high. So I expect some "trick" is involved here, and the RF amp is
up in the panel too or something. Apparently the 60GHz has beamforming,
and the mini card by itself, just doesn't have room for all the
related stuff.


So while an interesting concept, doesn't look immediately transplantable
into some other laptop. And a high bandwidth connection to the
hardware is needed, if you cannot draw a signal directly from
an HDMI connector. The internal Wifi card would need a
PCI Express Rev.3 lane at 985MB/sec, to be useful for
Wigig (unlimited).


This would be my preferred solution. $450 bucks.
A hardware only solution. No compression. It just works.
This will get an HDMI signal across the room, with no wires.
No marketeer dictates how you use this. It's not restricted
to certain OSes. It doesn't use lame non-standard standards.



That's the same technology type as the Dell wireless docking
station. It's Wigig. But it's only for transporting HDMI
up to 10 meters across the same room. The 60GHz signal
will not penetrate walls. Regular Wifi (such as used
by Miracast) would go further, like down to your

The only thing the Gefen lacks, is portability.

So really, nothing has changed in this space, since the
last time I looked. Cheap/stupid ideas that almost
work. Expensive ideas that nobody can afford. Etc.


Re: Miracast

Paul wrote:
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I read the Tom's Guide articles and their end recommendation is what I  
am already doing which is connecting the computer by ethernet and using  
a wireless keyboard and mouse.  So I guess until I buy a new laptop  
miracast is out.


Re: Miracast

Bill Bradshaw wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Here are a couple more solutions.

"Actiontec SBWD100KIT01 ScreenBeam Kit Wireless Display
  Receiver & Transmitter for Non-WiDi Laptops/ Miracast Devices" $77
(Amazon.com product link shortened)

    That one uses regular Wifi, compresses, and is supposed to work with
    Miracast. Includes a transmitter and receiver.

    Lag - 180ms
    May not be full frame rate (cheat by repeating frames ?)

    Claims to support both Windows 7 and Windows 8, so they're
    covering the 60% of the market with Windows 7 equipment.

    See reviews, to see how long it'll run without problems.

"Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi / HDMI Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit" $175
(Amazon.com product link shortened)

    The disadvantage of this product, is two boxes (like the Gefen).
    AFAIK, this is a regular Wifi product, so no 60GHz.
    The compression steps are inside the box, so it is all the
    fault of the box, not the laptop.

    Since it's not portable, it's not really a winner. You still
    have an external box at each end of the link.

The Gefen, with the two boxes at 60GHz, at least you suspect
compression is not needed, and there would be no excuse for
the link to fall down, because the compression step crashed.


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