mini-USB to yellow RCA?

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I bought some stuff at a yard sale, including a cable with a mini-USB
plug at one end (the trapezoidal-shaped kind that goes into a camera
or an external drive) and a yellow RCA plug at the other end.

I didn't have one, so I bought it!

Any idea what this would be for?

Re: mini-USB to yellow RCA?

mm wrote:
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Plug in the device.

Then, use the usbview or uvcview commands, to list
connected USB devices. The device should be directly
plugged into the computer, and not into a hub.

Here's a copy/paste for downloading uvcview. UVCview
was originally from Microsoft, but they're removed
it for download, so we're left with few sources.


File size is 167,232 bytes.
MD5sum is 93244d84d79314898e62d21cecc4ca5e

This is a picture of what the UVCView info looks like.

Some information on the parameters seen in UVCView.

You should be able to get VID/PID info from a plugged
in device. That program will also help you determine whether
the device is alive at all or not.

Then, consult the database here, to map VID and PID
to a description of the device.

Post those details, and that'll make it easier to comment
on who makes it and what it can do for you. If could
even be an SPDIF to USB device of some sort, rather than being


Re: mini-USB to yellow RCA?

On 10/29/2010 10:28 PM, Paul wrote:
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the OP does not have a device
it's simply a cable

Re: mini-USB to yellow RCA?

philo wrote:
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OK, so what do USB and RCA (Cinch) have in common,
from a "simply a cable" perspective ? Why would such
a cable exist, if purely passive ?

  +5V, D+, D-, GND ?

Maybe it's not mini-USB ?

Maybe he could post a picture of it on imageshack.


Re: mini-USB to yellow RCA?

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Although it looks like miniUSB, its not.

Its for outputting video or photos to a TV from a device such as a Kodak
Digital Camera.

Re: mini-USB to yellow RCA?


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That's the type of cable that typically comes with a digital
The mini-USB goes into the camera, the yellow RCA carries video
and goes into your TV.
Enjoy your pictures (at VGA quality :-)

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

Re: mini-USB to yellow RCA?

On Sat, 30 Oct 2010 13:15:27 GMT, (Gerard Bok) wrote:

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Hey, that's great.  I could really use one of these.

Hmmm. My digital camera was one of the most expensive things I've
bought, and brand new.  So maybe it has one and I forgot. (I don't
keep all the accessories with the camera)  Hmmm, I'll bet at the time
I thought I'd never use it, but now I know that carrying the camera
and the cord might well be easier than carrying a laptop, just to show
people pictures.  I'd probably have the camera anyhow.

Thanks a lot, and thanks to everyone else.

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