Mildly O/T. Hard drive power down

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Is there a software way to force a drive to power down?

XP powers down drives after x amount of time (Control Panel -> Power
Options). I have mine set to 20 minutes. I have 1 internal hard disk where I
store all my admin files (patches, software installs, drivers etc) and
backup files. I only use the drive every now and again (maybe once a day),
but would like to turn it off when finished. I can't be bothered spending
time and money on an external casing.

Re: Mildly O/T. Hard drive power down

i suggest u to have a look on some software blogs or zones,maybe there
u can find a way.

Re: Mildly O/T. Hard drive power down

GT wrote:
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I found some options in the ATA/ATAPI specs, but I don't know
exactly how you send any of the commands to the drive (manually).
Hitachi has a "Feature Tool" for changing some things on a
drive, but I don't see this kind of thing mentioned. It could
be that the OS actually twiddles this stuff, and utilities
don't bother "competing" with the OS for control.

You can get ATA/ATAPI specs here. Password is listed on the first link. (a volume 1) (a volume 2)

PDF page 158 of Volume 1, Table 18, has "Standby Timer" values.

PDF page 29 of Volume 1, defines "Power Management feature set".

- A Standby timer
- IDLE command
- SLEEP command
- STANDBY command

The disk can be commanded to do many things. The operating system can
load many of these features, when the drivers first initialize the drive.


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