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Re: Re: Midi and gameport issues

"kony" wrote:
 > On 6 Jun 2005 14:38:24 -0400, askolepaul
 > >Iím unable to resolve the following two problems.  In my
 > Device
 > >Manager I constantly have two conflicts, one being the
 > MPU-401
 > >Compatible Midi Device and the other being Gameport joystick.
 > Do you need to use either of them?  If not, this isn't
 > necessarily a problem that needs fixing.  Check the
 > properties on the MPU-401, see if it mentions any specific
 > problem.
 > Do you have both a sound card AND motherboard sound enabled?
 > If so, do you need both?
 > >The
 > >gameport joystick shows up twice, one showing good, and the
 > other with
 > >a yellow exclamation mark.  
 > Delete both of them then reboot.
 > >The MPU-401 is only listed once but has a
 > >yellow exclamation mark.  Iíve removed both of these devices
 > Both of the joysticks?  Delete both joysticks.
 > If you dont' need this midi support, just disable the
 > MPU-401.

Thanks for the advice.  These issues donít seem to be  causing any
known problems on my system because I donít use a joystick for any
gaming.  They are just perplexing as no matter what I try to do to
resolve the conflicts nothing seems to work.
I have removed all items in question through the Device Manager and
rebooted, but they are reinstalled at startup with the same conditions
as before.
When I boot into my Bios, I see no way whatsoever to disable the Midi
device, or to enable or disable the sound card/or onboard sound.
Perhaps Iím missing something here because of my lack of experience
but there are no such options in my Bios setup.  Actually, there is
little that I can change there.
If these issues arenít that important then I guess I will just live
with them, although it will bug the hell out of me because I know
something isnít right.
I will just have to abide by the old addage: stercus accidit.

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Re: Midi and gameport issues

On 6 Jun 2005 21:35:52 -0400, askolepaul

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What board is this, exactly?

I have an old HP board here that reads "A7V-VM rev.3.04"
right under the AGP slot.  It definitely came out of an HP
system and "had" an HP bios on it.  It was distinctive in
that it had a bottom-edge, edge connector on it which is
pretty uncommon for desktop PCs in that era, except in
low-profile systems rather than this mATX it came out of.

I ended up flashing it to an Asus A7VL133-VM (retail board)
bios, and afterwards I "thought" it still worked fine, but I
concede that I don't remember it being a full-functioned PC
after that point- it may've well been, but I just can't
recall.  Anyway, I'm not able to test it right now either
but there is the possibility to flash the Asus bios, at your
own risk.  I can't tell you if you'd be able to flash back
to the HP bios later or not.

Regardless, it uses Via 686B Southbridge (controller) plus
Crystal 4299 Codec.  If the link Shep gave doesn't solve
this, try the newest driver from Crystal (now Cirrus):


Assuming yours uses the same audio codec (it is a small,
roughly 1cm square chip immediately to the left of the
bottom PCI slot on the board I mentioned above, labeled
"4299" with the "C", Crystal symbol above it), then the
following file linked from the page above would be another
good one to try.


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