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I am looking to upgrade my graphics card. (I have an antiquated Geforce 5600
FX Ultra)

I have a budget of between £150-£200 ($300).

I was thinking of getting a Geforce 7600GT.

It has to be an AGP x8 card.

I'd appreciate any suggesstions,


Re: Mid Range Graphics Card

macca wrote:
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This page suggests they aren't readily available yet. I read one
claim that only Leadtek is making them.

http://www.gpureview.com/GeForce-7600-GT-AGP-card-435.html =

The Newegg reviews here suggest that the supply is limited
and they arrive in small batches.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/CustRatingReview.asp?Item=3DN82E16814122009 =

There is a picture here. The card looks to be using an HSI
to convert from AGP on the edge card, to PCI Express for the
GPU being used. Thus any restrictions would be the same
as any other AGP card that uses HSI (like a 6600GT AGP).


This 6600GT is keyed for 1.5V only, so I would expect the
7600GT AGP would be the same. According to this your 5600
is Universal AGP 3.0, which means it can run from either
1.5V I/O or 3.3V I/O, and is a more flexible card. This
is only an issue with older motherboards. My best guess
would be that the 7600GT AGP is "Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0".
The following page may help in the selection process, as you
didn't state what motherboard/chipset you have:



Re: Mid Range Graphics Card

You should think about Geforce 7900 GS ( quite more expensive but faster and
have a very good overclocking) or Ati X1800 GTO (little faster than 7600 GT
but in the same prize)
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Re: Mid Range Graphics Card

sorry but I forget about AGP :) I think you should change your motherboard
to any with Pc-ex - the cards will be cheaper and faster than card at AGP.
Think about is ;)

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