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I am having problems with a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse. Quite often the mouse
cursor moves erratically around the screen as if the mouse and the PC quite
communicating the x,y coordinates. I have tried driver updates, different mouse
pads, no mouse pad. Nothing works!

The mouse is USB/PS2 capable and is in the PS2 connection. I have two machines
and both have the same mouse. Both have the same mouse issues.


Re: Microsoft Mouse Problems

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does it have batteries...........perhaps they are low.

Re: Microsoft Mouse Problems

On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 13:33:38 GMT, "Mark F."

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IIRC that is one model that used to have a poor cord, the
internal wire conductor would become broken where it enters
the mouse.  See if you can steadily move the mouse in
different directions while grasping the cord where it enters
the mouse body and flexing it in different directions.

The curious part is that two different mice are doing this
simultaneously.  Did they ever work?  How long?  Did you try
them on USB?  It would be good to try another mouse or these
mice on a system exhibiting that it works properly with a
different mouse.

Personally, I prefer logitech.... you might see if they make
something you like, but if your mice are in fact defective
and retail versions within a warranty period (I forget how
long that is, perhaps 3 years?) then Microsoft is very good
about sending a replacement.  Google should be able to find
the Microsoft Fax number and instructions to submit an RMA.

Re: Microsoft Mouse Problems

Throw the thing away and buy a good mouse after all it is only a $15 mouse.
The boss where I work bought 5 of the mice you are having problems with
because people kept bitching about the old  ball mice they had. 3 of the 5
are having the same problem you are having, mine was one. I decided that the
cost of a mouse was not worth a frustrating day at work and bought my own
    I am using a Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer on all three of my
home computers and two at work. This is normally about a $45 mouse but I
have bought all of them on sale or with a rebate and paid no more than $20
each. These are great mice they just work and batteries last 6 months easy.
I have not had a minutes trouble out of any of the 5 I have bought.


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Re: Microsoft Mouse Problems

Joe wrote:
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I agree,

and you can just get yourself an OEM Logitech optical mouse *waves his
own around* that will cost you less that $10 and give you smooth,
accurate use for the longest time.

Signed: Mark.

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