Microphone problem (game sound feeds through it)

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I'm not a complete moron (just part) but I can't seem to fix this.  It
seems like it should be easy, but I've spent a few hours a few
different times and can't fix it.

Basically, my problem is on my newish computer, (Dell XPS 600) ever
since I bought it, I plug my mic into the front microphone jack, and
when I use chat utilities for games (like Teamspeak or Ventrillo) when
I talk, I sound like im in a fish bowl, or a borg, and the game sound
also feeds in through the mic..

Any ideas for this noob?  Much appreciated.

Re: Microphone problem (game sound feeds through it)

secondeye@aol.com wrote:

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  "You guys obviously didn't tune your setups for teamspeak. I
   remember going through a lot of tweaking for it. You have to
   use a headset, you can't use speakers because it has no echo
   cancellation in it. And the threshold is very twiddly. Once
   you get it set up well it works great."

  "We all had headsets..."


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